Employee Personality Differences: Reduce Drama, Improve Productivity

Date: Thursday, July 11, 2024 1:00PM EST Length: 75 Minutes Expert: Lorna Kibbey, MBA, CPM

Your ability to successfully manage personality differences at your practice is probably one of the most difficult and impactful skills you can master.   

You’ve certainly seen the negative impacts of personality differences that don’t work well together (drama, employee turnover, angry patients and providers, poor performance, toxic environment, etc.) – basically making your life miserable. And, although this may not be a problem for you right now, the addition of just one new employee can quickly lead to chaos – unless you have the right skills to combat it.

You CAN have a smoother, happier, more productive practice. The answer lies with being able to determine and benefit from how your personality and the personality differences of your staff and providers interact.

This is where leadership expert, Lorna Kibbey, MBA, CPM, can help. On Thursday, July 11th at 1pm ET, Lorna is presenting a 75-minute online training session to help your practice be more productive and to ultimately make your life less stressful. The practical skills you’ll receive during this online training will help you, your doctors, nurses, schedulers, NPs, PAs, billers, receptionists, etc., work more effectively with staff members to enhance productivity and to ensure your practice is a place where people want to work, and patients want to come.

By attending this upcoming online training, you’ll gain the skills necessary to make your employees’ different personalities help your practice run more smoothly and with less conflict. Here are just a few of the practical tactics you’ll receive:

  • Unearth the real causes of drama at your practice and shut them down
  • Implement easy-to-use phrases to help staff see past their differences
  • Utilize employees’ natural behavioral tendencies to make a happier office
  • Boost office staff productivity with simple behavior observation techniques
  • Improve performance outcomes with predictive behavior modeling
  • Incorporate the DiSC® assessment tool to elevate office engagement and productivity
  • Rectify interoffice communication problems with insider personality know-how
  • Pin down the real reasons for personality clashes & stop them before they start
  • Rebuild challenging staff relationships to ensure a positive work environment
  • And so much more…

Who should attend: This upcoming online training is designed to help you (or any practice leader/manager) expand your management capabilities to overcome employee personality differences to enhance your staff and patient relationships. This training will provide you with the expert advice you need to run a practice that is more capable, cooperative, receptive, happy and prosperous.

You can benefit from the practical, step-by-step advice from this online training. Running your practice will be easier, less stressful and more satisfying to both you and your staff when you learn how to more successfully overcome office personality differences. Don’t delay, access to this training is limited. Register today to guarantee your attendance.

Meet Your Expert

Lorna Kibbey

Lorna designs and delivers management and leadership motivational speeches, seminars, and services to public and private sector organizations. Her sessions focus on the many issues surrounding leadership, motivation, and communication. Lorna is a motivational speaker and has spoken at a large variety of conferences and meetings.

Lorna has first‐hand experience in dealing with the most difficult situations managers face. She served as a leader and manager for more than 24 years in the government sector. Lorna has worked as a senior management consultant, operations administrator, program consultant, trainer, and line supervisor, in a multitude of public service programs.

Lorna earned her Masters’ Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Florida and her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts from the University of Cincinnati. She has achieved recognition in the State of Florida as a Certified Public Manager and was recognized as “Best Boss of the Year” in a nationwide initiative.

Lorna is the Immediate Past-President of the Association for Talent Development Southwest Florida, and the Immediate Past-President of the Florida Society of Certified Public Managers. She is an active member of the National Speaker’s Association.