Inpatient Coding: Boost Payup Today

Length: 90 minutes Expert: Mary I. Falbo, MBA, CPC

According to Medicare, only 45% of E/M claims are filed correctly, and that includes professional charges for hospital patients. This means that you could be leaving 55% — or more — of your E/M reimbursement on the table. This is money you deserve to receive, and you can get it with a little help.

CPT® codes 99221-99223 are on CMS’s audit hotlist. So if you’re reporting the professional charges for your physician’s hospital services, you have to be extra careful. Considering the revenue at stake, getting it wrong really isn’t an option.

And the trouble doesn’t stop there. CMS is also targeting 99231-99233, 99220, and 99291-99292, among others. So that means professional services associated with observation, subsequent care and critical care are all in the agency’s cross-hairs.

To get paid correctly for your rounding and other services provided to patients in the hospital, you must master standard E/M coding guidelines. And you also have to know the nuances of correctly reporting 9 additional key E/M coding areas (observation care, concurrent care, consultations, prolonged services, subsequent care, discharge management, critical care, shared/split services, and scribe requirements). No wonder CMS has this under the microscope.

You can get everything you need to code your E/M professional services for inpatients correctly in only 90 minutes by attending the training by coding expert, Mary I. Falbo, MBA, CPC, CEO. Mary will provide you with proven, step-by-step tactics to improve your overall E/M inpatient accuracy and reimbursement, while making sure that you don’t trigger any CMS tripwires.

During this 90-minute on-demand training, you’ll receive clear, plain-English guidance to master each of challenging E/M inpatient coding areas. Here are just a couple of proven tactics you’ll receive:

  • Determine when you can bill rounding based on time instead of documentation and unravel unit/floor time-based coding requirements to capture all possible revenue
  • Capture all prolonged services time to ethically maximize your payup … the thresholds might surprise you
  • Head off denials for patients who are admitted and discharged on the same day
  • Uncover hidden observation care documentation terms that lead to claim approval
  • Get your provider paid for concurrent services provided to inpatient patients
  • Ensure clean claims for patient transfers and inpatient consultations
  • Learn how to bill for advanced care planning discussions
  • And so much more…

This session is a must-attend even if you only file one inpatient E/M claim. Don’t wait. Order this on-demand training session today and start getting paid more of what you deserve for your inpatient services.

Meet Your Expert

Mary I. Falbo
MBA, CPCCEO & Founder, Millennium Healthcare Consulting, Inc.®

Mary and her team of professionals have over 25 years of experience in the industry with a focus on physician compliance, coding, billing, and reimbursement issues. She helps clients identify, plan and implement the best strategic approach to their coding, compliance and revenue enhancement needs.

Not only does Mary educate and empower them on how to maintain documentation and coding compliance but also on how to use the information to strengthen their revenue stream in an era of reform. Her integrated team of experts is also poised to assist client’s counsel in certain compliance audits and investigations.


I learned a lot from today's webinar, thank you for putting together such a detailed presentation.
Darlene Turner
Office Manager, WK Pediatric Intensivists