Payer Contracting: Stop Low-Performing Contracts from Hurting Your Revenue


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Part 1: Renegotiate Payer Contracts to Boost Payup by 12%

Stop letting your payers dictate contract terms. Learn how to analyze and renegotiate your payer contract to improve your overall reimbursement, speed up payments and reduce surprise rate changes.

Part 2: Stop Payer Contract Frustrations from Costing Your Practice Money

Terminating a payer contract may feel like you’re slaying a dragon but do so for the wrong reasons and you could unintentionally slash your revenue too. Get the strategies you need to decide when you should walk or stay.


You can renegotiate and cancel your payer contracts and boost your practice reimbursement. The money is just sitting there waiting for you to claim it.

Insurers intentionally make renegotiating and cancelling contracts really tricky. This keeps you tied to the low reimbursement rates, poor terms, and high administrative costs that benefit them, not YOU.

But there is a way you can successfully negotiate stronger contracts − or end unprofitable ones.

This is where payer contracting negotiation experts, Prerna Marwah, MBA, and Doral Jacobsen, MBA, FACMPE, can help. During their 2-Part online training series, Payer Contracting: Renegotiate or Terminate Underperformers to Lift Your Revenue, they will give you proven strategies to compare payers’ rates, identify underperformers, and negotiate contracts that boost your payup. They’ll also walk you step-by-step through handling unresponsive and uncooperative payers, so you confidently know when and how to terminate a failing contract and get your practice the added reimbursements it deserves.


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PART 1: Renegotiate Payer Contracts to
Boost Payup by 12%

Available Immediately
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You can get paid 12% more from your insurance contracts. Renegotiating Insurance Contracts.

Payers want to lock you into a contract at the lowest possible rate. The contracts you sign are complex and overwhelming, and designed to trip you up.

And if you let them, payers will find ways to reduce your rates during renegotiations, too. But this can only happen if you let it. The good news is you can successfully renegotiate your insurance contracts. If you know how …

And payer contract negotiation expert, Prerna Marwah, MBA, can show you how. During her 60-minute, online training session, Prerna will show you exactly how to identify opportunities in your current contract, hold your payers accountable, and negotiate stronger contracts that boost the much-deserved reimbursement you receive.

PART 2: Stop Payer Contract Frustrations
from Costing Your Practice Money

Attend the Live Session on Wednesday, November 11th @ 1:00 PM EST OR
Order the On-demand version and listen to it at your convenience.

Your payer tolerance is shot, and you can’t wait to terminate the contract. Before you walk away, you MUST evaluate whether your action will increase revenue – or cause a financial nightmare.

You definitely have tons of legitimate gripes that make you want to pull the plug on a payer. But there are often significant financial repercussions that warrant NOT terminating the contract. It’s easy to let your emotions cloud your decision, rather than objectively weighing the contract elimination’s pros and cons. That would be a huge mistake …

Luckily, payer contracting expert Doral Jacobsen, MBA, FACMPE, is here to help. During her 60-minute, online training session, Doral will show you how to evaluate your payer contracts, make objective termination decisions, and handle negative fallout. You’ll walk away with the EXACT formula to decide whether you should or shouldn’t terminate a contract, so your reimbursements go up, not down.

Past Webinar Reviews:

Very good presentation which provided a nice step-by-step layout. The presenter did a nice job of sharing her knowledge and experience throughout the webinar.” 
– Wendy Flores, cCARE Cancer & Health Center

The webinar was great! It provided helpful, visual examples and stories.” 
– Joseph Thropay, JoThropay Consulting, Inc.

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Meet Your Experts

Prerna Marwah

Prerna Marwah is an experienced healthcare professional and brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in contract management and negotiation, practice management, financial management, and healthcare operations. She has an intense understanding of the managed care systems including Medicare, Managed Care Organizations, IPAs and PHOs and its dealings with primary care physicians and specialists. Prerna received her Masters in Business Administration in 2002 and has been in the healthcare field for over 17 years.

She currently runs a medical billing & consulting practice in California and works with a  wide variety of specialties including pathology, sleep medicine, urgent care, primary care, neuro surgery, orthopedic surgery, dermatology, and oncology just to list a few.

Doral Jacobsen
MBA, FACMPEPartner at Prosper Beyond LLC

Doral Davis-Jacobsen, MBA, FACMPE, is a Partner at Prosper Beyond LLC, a specialized healthcare consulting firm nestled in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Doral is a seasoned healthcare consultant with over 20 years of experience serving healthcare providers ranging from solo practitioners to large academic medical centers. She is a popular speaker and author, always looking around the corner to help her clients prepare for “what’s next.” Doral is known for assisting practices with next generation managed care contract negotiations, payment reform and revenue cycle.

She is a Fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives. Doral serves as the Chair for the North Carolina MGMA Payer Contracting Committee 2019. Doral has written numerous articles on medical practice revenue cycle, managed care contracting and payment reform and is a frequent speaker at national, regional and local healthcare forums. Doral is a co-author of MGMA’s book, Transitioning to Alternative Payment Models: A Guide to Next Generation Managed Care Contracting, published in October 2016.