Medical Terminology Skills Essential for Front Desk Staff

When your front desk staff struggles with medical terminology, your whole practice suffers.

Miscommunicated patient complaints from misunderstood medical terminology lead to scheduling nightmares. Patient interactions lead to confusion and dissatisfaction. And if these continue, eventually patients will start looking for a new care provider, reducing your patient volume and overall revenue.

The good news is, expert medical front desk trainer, Tracy Bird, FACMPE, CPC, CPMA, CEMC, AAPC Fellow, can help. During her online training session, Tracy will provide help your front desk team meaningfully improve their understanding of medical terminology. After attending, their ability to effectively communicate will be significantly upgraded, and in turn your patient satisfaction will soar.

Here are just a few of the plain-English, easy-to-use medical terminology tactics your team will receive by taking advantage of this 60-minute upcoming online training:

  • Crack the medical terminology “code” by utilizing the 3 Basic Parts tool
  • Master the differences between word roots, prefixes and suffixes to reduce scheduling blunders
  • Head off coding missteps by using correct anatomical terms for body parts, structures and systems
  • Use the correct word category (Descriptive or Eponyms) to stop errors from wasting everyone’s time
  • Improve understanding of patient diagnosis disease terms
  • Avoid increased wait times to miscommunication of patient needs/complaints
  • Provide more accurate information to help providers deliver a superior patient experience
  • And so much more.

Who Should Attend? Although this training is designed to help your front desk team, any non-clinical person that needs a strong understanding of medical terminology can benefit from its content.

Your front desk staff are a direct reflection on your practice. This means that if patients get the impression your staff are knowledgeable or confused, it has a ripple effect that can hurt your practice’s reputation, and your bank account.

Don’t let a lack of strong medical terminology knowledge negatively impact your practice – especially when you can do something about it. By investing just 60-minutes of time, your team can gain the benefit of this nationally recognized speaker without ever having to leave your office. Don’t wait, sign up today!

Meet Your Expert

Tracy Bird
FACMPE, CPC, CPMA, CEMC, CPC-IPresident, Medical Practice Advisors

Tracy has over 40 years of experience in various specialties in the areas of practice management, billing and coding, including training, communications, and policy and procedure development.

She is an ACMPE Fellow with MGMA, a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), a Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CMPA), a Certified Evaluation and Management Auditor (CEMC) a Certified Professional Medical Coding Curriculum instructor (CPC-I), and an AAPC Fellow. Tracy is co-founder and past president of the NE Kansas Chapter of AAPC, a past president of MGMA-GKC and is currently serving as the Chair of the Certification Commission for National MGMA.