Stop $85,000 Penalty: Comply with New Medical Records Fees Rule

Length: 90 Minutes Expert: Jennifer Searfoss, Esq.

Charging the wrong amount for medical records requests just got much more expensive. Failure to comply with new CMS regulations means your practice can be hit with an $85,000 fine per penalty. Even innocent mistakes can land you in serious hot water.

IMPORTANT: New CMS regulations were released earlier this year, right when COVID-19 started. Now that the craziness has died down, enforcement of this new regulation is sure to soar. CMS has made it clear that not knowing about the rule is not a defense against noncompliance fines.

This is where healthcare attorney Jennifer Searfoss, Esq., CPOM, CHCI, CMCS, can help. During her 90-minute online training session, she’ll show you exactly how to know  who you can charge for copying medical records requests, how much the new regulations allow you to charge, and what you can include (or exclude) in those fees so you stop a HIPAA probe before it starts.

Here are just some of the medical record fees questions you’ll get answered by attending this expert-led medical records fees 90-minute online training:

  • How should you adjust your charges to meet new CMS allowances?
  • What fees are appropriate for attorney or third-party info requests, and can you charge more?
  • How can your staff respond in a proven way that stops complaints from happening?
  • What if the patient can’t afford the fees you’ve set?
  • Can you charge more for requests from doctors, and for what reasons?
  • How can you get paid for the additional time that archived information takes to compile?
  • Which requested formats (CD, thumb drive, paper, etc.) are you required to honor?
  • Do you need different forms per record requestee type?
  • How do you educate staff to ensure the right fee limit is applied every time?
  • Can you charge for data verification and search costs if your state allows it?
  • What can you include in your “real costs” for medical records duplication?
  • How much time can your record production process take and still avoid a HIPAA fine?
  • What patient records (X-rays, etc.) are you required to provide when outside providers produce them?
  • How can you be compensated when a patient wants his or her medical records mailed?
  • What personal health information (PHI) should you omit as part of your “medical record” definition?
  • When to comply with HIPAA vs state laws of fees for copies?
  • Are there instances when you can refuse a medical records request?
  • How do patient portals and electronic medical records affect you complying with patient requests?
  • And much more …

Who should attend this session:  Anyone that is involved or could be affected by medical records requests. Practice Managers, Compliance Managers, Physicians, NPPs, Administrators, Privacy Managers, Front Desk Managers, etc. Medical Records Fees.

All it takes is a single complaint, and you could be left paying a massive fine. This online training session will break down these confusing medical records fee laws. You’ll walk away from this training with the know-how to more compliantly set your charges and protect your practice from financial damages.

You deserve to be paid for the additional resources and time it takes to fulfill medical records requests. However, do it wrong, and you can be faced with HIPAA complaints, violations, and hefty fines. Don’t risk it. Sign up for this expert-led online training today. Medical Records Fees.

Added Bonus: Register for our medical records fees online training, and you will also receive a downloadable Excel file that identifies each federal and state law that governs medical record requests. This tool will help you and your staff more easily adhere to the right law every time and protect your practice from costly fines.

*Tool will be included with your presentation handouts.

Meet Your Expert

Jennifer Searfoss
Esq.Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

As the Chief Legal and Compliance Officer for U.S. Foot and Ankle Specialists, Jennifer Searfoss, Esq. leads and manages the legal and compliance functions for the MidAtlantic group.

Jennifer has always been passionate about helping physicians improve their compliance. As the Founder and CEO of the Searfoss Consulting Group (SCG Health), she focused on improving providers quality measurements. Prior to taking on the role as entrepreneur, Jennifer was the Vice President of External Provider Relations for UnitedHealthcare where she reviewed and approved education programs for commercial and Medicare physicians.

Her background in legal and compliance began with the accomplished foundation of serving the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) as the External Relations Liaison. In addition to coordinating MGMA advocacy, she also was the Government Affairs Representative for the Eastern & Southern Sections.

Jennifer has had the pleasure of teaching health care law at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and health care policy at George Washington University. She received her undergraduate degree in health science and policy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and law degree from the University of Maryland. She is a member in good standing of the Maryland bar since 2005. Jennifer, her husband and their two fuzzy children (a cat and a dog) reside in Northern Virginia.


Excellent content and speaker. Speaker obviously has expertise on the topic. Jennifer came across as personable and very knowledgeable.
Julie Rickman
Touchstone Communities
I thought it was fantastic! The webinar could have went on the rest of the day and I would have been happy. The speaker was phenomenal!
Portia Sims
UF Health Shands