Releasing Medical Records: Avoid Legal and Financial Nightmares

Length: 60 minutes Expert: John C. Ivins Jr., Esq.

Releasing medical records is a financial and legal nightmare just waiting to happen. One wrong decision related to who, what, when or how you release patient information can leave you exposed to expensive penalties and traumatic legal charges.

Making things more complicated, medical records’ requests come from a variety of sources: patients, attorneys, the courts, custodial and noncustodial parents, schools, family members, other medical practices, caregivers, payers, hospitals, etc. Each source presents with its own set of rules that you are REQUIRED to comply with.

The good news is, that you can significantly reduce your legal and financial risk when it comes to releasing patient medical records. During this online training session, healthcare attorney, John C. Ivins, Jr., Esq. will walk you through how to protect yourself and your practice from the most common and risky medical records release request mistakes.

Here are just a few of the medical records release expert strategies you’ll receive during this online training that will help you avoid the financial and legal consequences of making a mistake:

  • Don’t be fooled into releasing records just because an attorney made the request
  • Head off release errors with specific questions you should always ask
  • Reveal when you can release patient records WITHOUT a release
  • Pin down what documents are required from family member requests
  • Learn how to handle patient information requests from or pertaining to a minor
  • Bulletproof your patient records release policy with simple modifications
  • Find out when you should NOT release patient records to insurance companies
  • Isolate those requests you must comply with when patients request their own records
  • Determine how to respond to subpoenas, court orders and law enforcement requests
  • Avoid missing deadlines for complying with medical records release requests
  • Pinpoint when State or Federal medical records’ laws apply
  • Learn how mental health-related notes (from any specialty) can be excluded from releases
  • And so much more…

Who should attend: Regardless of your practice size or specialty, this training is perfect for all members of your medical practice team: Administrators, Practice Managers, Front Desk Managers and staff, Providers, Nurses, etc.

Did you know that a recent study by medRxiv found that 51% of practice providers are not compliant with HIPAA right of access rules? It’s not surprising really. The protection of patient information is covered by both Federal and State laws. These regulations are confusing and regularly lead to information release errors. But they don’t have to…

Sign up for this expert-led online training today to get the proven advice you need to ensure your practice is protected from needless patient information release errors and the legal and financial problems that accompany them.

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Meet Your Expert

John C. Ivins Jr.
Esq.Partner at Hirscher Law

John is a Partner at Hirscher Law. He has served as a Hearing Officer in many cases around the country and is also on the American Health Lawyers Association panel of neutrals as both a mediator and hearing officer. In addition to hospitals and health systems, John represents medical and dental practices, physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals on a wide variety of matters, including medical/dental office operations, HIPAA compliance, contracts and contract/employment disputes. He also represents physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals in licensure and related administrative proceedings before various regulatory Boards, and manufacturers in the healthcare field in various types of product liability litigation.


Very informative. The webinar provided several common examples and scenarios.
Ashley Bowen
Business Office Manager, Bay Mills Indian Community
Good flow,well spoken.
Ariana Burton
Health Information Management Coordinator, InterMed
I thought the webinar was very informative.
Luz Capcha
Billing Manager, Salerno Medical Associates LLP
Great information!
Katrina McCray
HIM Director, Allegiance Specialty Hospital