Head Off Medicare Advantage Overpayment Penalties

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Wayne Miller, Esq. CEU: 1.0

CMS is trying to recoup $12 million from Medicare Advantage providers just like you. They’ve classified these funds as  “overpayments,” and they want their money back.

Believe it or not, the onus is on you to identify and return any Medicare overpayments that you receive. But that is easier said than done. The rules are confusing, and you only have 60 days to reply.

Not being able to identify and adequately respond to overpayments can have serious financial consequences. The good news is that if you know how there are clear steps that you can take that can lessen, delay or even avoid your repayment obligation altogether, but you have to know how…

This is where healthcare attorney, Wayne J. Miller, Esq., can help. During this online training, Mr. Miller will walk you through how to identify and return excess funds you receive. At the end of the training, you’ll know how to comply with Medicare’s confusing repayment standards, and be able to protect your practice from costly rule violation penalties.

Here are just a few of the Medicare Advantage and fee-for-service overpayment compliance strategies you’ll receive by attending this 60-minute online training:

  • Determine when repayment is really due; avoid missing hardline deadlines or paying too soon
  • Stop the clock during the investigation stage to give you the time you need
  • How to successfully challenge or delay returning an alleged overpayment, and head off fraud allegations
  • Clearly define when you’ve really received an overpayment, and when you haven’t
  • Find out when an overpayment becomes an “obligation” to avoid violations
  • Identify the circumstances that may NOT require a refund, and how to handle them
  • Get proven defenses to stop an excess payment claim in its tracks
  • Know exactly who to contact to address alleged overpayments to streamline the process
  • Use acceptable standards to calculate different refund values and pay less
  • Offsets overpayments against your claims that were underpaid or not paid at all
  • Identify your appeal, self-disclosure and extended repayment options, to come out on top
  • And so much more…

Who Should Attend? This training will be most beneficial to physicians, administrators, and managers at practices and clinics, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. Health care consultants will also find it helpful.

The clock starts ticking as soon as an overpayment is established. Accordingly, it is essential that you understand how to identify overpayments and halt your repayment deadline. Just keeping an overpayment is not an option. And Medicare will not accept an “I didn’t know” response as a way out.

Don’t wait, sign up for this expert-led online training today. Don’t delay.  Sign up for the expert-led training today.

Meet Your Expert

Wayne Miller
Esq.Partner, Compliance Law Group

Wayne has focused his practice in the areas of health care regulatory, administrative and transactional law throughout his nearly 30-year career. He has particular expertise in business, regulatory, certification and administrative matters for health care facilities. He also represents health care related businesses and for advisors and consultants to the health care industry.

In addition to his law degree, Wayne has a Masters Degree and experience in health care administration. He has served as editor and advisor for, or has been cited in, many national publications, including Medical Economics, Eli Research publications, FDAnews, the Ingenix Ambulatory Payment Report, the Health Care Law Sourcebook and the Health Care Law Newsletter. Wayne has been a featured speaker on national teleconferences sponsored by The Coding Institute and other organizations for many years.