Medicare Secondary Payers: Boost Pay-up, Avoid Fines


Even if you don’t knowingly or willfully provide inaccurate information to Medicare regarding secondary payers, you can still be fined $2,000 per instance for repeatedly doing so. Compliance with Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) guidelines is the only answer.

The problem with the MSP guidelines is that there are about a million variables. Knowing how to maneuver through these complex guidelines can be tricky, unless you have someone that can walk you through the process. Catrena Smith, CCS, CCS-P, CPC, CPC-I, CHTS-PW, is going to do just that.

This step-by-step, plain-English training session will provide you with the tools you need to efficiently and effectively gain multiple payment sources per service to improve your overall payup and avoid hefty fines. Here are a just a few of the tactics you’ll receive:

  • Reduce Medicare denials due to “Other Health Insurance”
  • Utilize the Coordination of Benefits Contractor to your benefit
  • Uncover hidden revenue in Medicare’s Coordination of Benefits process
  • Accurately balance bill for uncollected amounts and increase overall return
  • Avoid stiff penalties to submitting incorrect information
  • Improve the accuracy of the Initial Enrollment Questionnaire to significantly decrease denials
  • Master when to include value code 44 on your MSP claims to speed your payments
  • Get your claims paid even when the primary insurer denies them
  • And so much more…

MSP is so tricky because of the many situations that can arise based a variety of payers and requirements. With this session you’ll be able to cut through the confusion for each situation and get paid more of what you deserve:

– Working aged Medicare and Employee Group Health Plan (GHP)– Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA)
– Disability and Employer GHP– End State Renal Disease (ESRD)
– Retiree Health Plans– No-fault Insurance and Liability Insurance
– Worker’s Compensation

Working with MSP guidelines is never going to be easy, but you can make it run more effectively, decrease the number of denials you receive in improve your overall payments with a few changes to your current processes.

If you file claims that include Medicare Secondary Payers don’t wait any longer. Sign up for this must-attend session today.


Meet Your Expert

Catrena Smith
CCS, CCS-P, CHTS-PW, CPC-I, CPCPresident, Access Quality Coding & Consulting

With over 17 years’ experience in the Health Information Management Industry, Catrena is a nationally recognized speaker and has published numerous articles in professional journals and magazines. She has served in many roles such as coding specialist, coding auditor, coding trainer, medical records technician, and coding manager.

She is a former AAPC Local Chapter President, serves as a HIM student/new graduate mentor for multiple organizations and has served as an Advisory Committee member of a local college for several years. Catrena prides herself in helping to grow the next generation of health information management professionals.


This was a good, informative webinar.
Adrienne Pleasants
medical billing specialist, Hospice East Bay