Negotiating Payer Contracts to Get Paid More

Negotiating payer contracts
Expert: Prerna Marwah, MBA Length: 60 minutes

Like it or not, the fate of your practice is in the hands of the payers you negotiated contracts with. When it comes to negotiating payer contracts, insurers want to lock you into a contract at the lowest possible rate. The contracts you sign are complex and overwhelming, and designed to trip you up.

And if you let them, payers will find ways to reduce your rates during renegotiations, too. But this can only happen if you let it.

The good news is, you can beat payers at their own contract negotiation game. If you know how …

And negotiating payer contracts expert, Prerna Marwah, MBA, can show you how. During her 60-minute online training session Prerna will show you exactly how to identify opportunities in your current contract, hold your payers accountable, and negotiate stronger contracts that boost the much-deserved reimbursement you receive.

Proven Negotiating Payer Contracts Tactics

Here are just a few you’ll receive by attending this 60-minute online training:

  • Dissect your current contracts to identify opportunities during renegotiations
  • Create a panel analysis sheet to customize carrier renegotiations, improve results
  • Cut preauth burdens with proven renegotiation strategy
  • Decrease surprise rate reductions by better negotiating unilateral amendment section
  • Easily determine whether to stay or leave a carrier contract
  • Uncover hidden reimbursement cutters and get them removed from your contracts
  • Find out what carriers DON’T want you to know, and how to combat them
  • Negotiate terms for payment turnarounds and get payers to stick to them
  • Proven renegotiation process to help you get more of what you want
  • Hold your payers’ accountable for what they agree to
  • Stop missing out on little known revenue opportunities
  • And so much more…

You CAN maximize your revenue and optimize the numerous terms of your payer contracts by implementing the proven processes you’ll receive during this must-attend, expert-led training.

It is time for you to be in charge of your payer contract renegotiations. This training will walk you through the entire contract renegotiation process – step-by-step. You’ll walk away from this training with the know-how to more effectively renegotiate your payer contracts, and take control of your practice’s success.

Don’t delay, register today.

Meet Your Expert

Prerna Marwah

Prerna Marwah is an experienced healthcare professional and brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in contract management and negotiation, practice management, financial management, and healthcare operations. She has an intense understanding of the managed care systems including Medicare, Managed Care Organizations, IPAs and PHOs and its dealings with primary care physicians and specialists. Prerna received her Masters in Business Administration in 2002 and has been in the healthcare field for over 17 years.

She currently runs a medical billing & consulting practice in California and works with a  wide variety of specialties including pathology, sleep medicine, urgent care, primary care, neuro surgery, orthopedic surgery, dermatology, and oncology just to list a few.


I thought the webinar was good. It covered all of the information I needed!
Joseph Berry
Operations Manager, Community Health Provider Alliance (CHPA)