Comply w/New FTC Employee Non-Compete Ban to Avoid Penalties

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Kelly Holden, JD

URGENT: Your practice’s employee non-compete agreements are now null and void based on a new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act. finalized on April 23, 2024. You must take immediate action to avoid violating FTC unfair competition rules, and costly violation lawsuits and penalties.

The new FTC Act imposes a federal ban on about 99% of your employee non-compete agreements, leaving you little time to comply with employee notification requirements. You must completely overhaul your employee contracts for both existing and future staff to remove any mention of non-compete language. The notification requirements are only one aspect of this new rule. Don’t risk compliance on your own.

Attorney and compliance expert Kelly Holden, JD, can help your practice comply with this recently implemented FTC Act. During her online training, Kelly will break down the complexities of the new FTC Act and walk you through exactly what your practice must do to comply.

By attending Kelly’s 60-minute online training, you’ll benefit from airtight strategies that can help your practice comply with the FTC’s new non-compete ban:

  • Comply when notifying existing employees that their non-competes are null and void
  • Pinpoint legal alternatives that help ensure employees don’t reveal your trade secrets
  • Calculate salary thresholds to identify which staffers are still bound by non-competes
  • Differentiate how the non-compete rules differ for nonprofit vs. for-profit organizations
  • Find out if staffers employed by for-profit staffing agencies — but working at nonprofits — fall under the ban
  • Uncover whether state laws supersede federal laws when it comes to violation penalties
  • Avoid consequences if your nondisclosure language is too similar to non-compete verbiage
  • And much, much more…

Consider the implications: without a non-compete, your employees could potentially work for your direct competitors during their off hours. How will you safeguard your practice’s trade secrets? Your hard work in building your practice should not inadvertently benefit your competitors. Immediate preparation is the only way to protect your practice and comply with this new FTC rule.

Trying to comply with this new FTC non-compete ban on your own is not worth the risk. Instead, let attorney and compliance expert Kelly Holden, JD, assist you. Register for her online training today and get the actionable advice you need to avoid FTC violations and penalties. Don’t wait, register today.

Meet Your Expert

Kelly Holden
JDHealthcare Attorney, Buechner Haffer Meyers Koenig CO., LPA

Kelly Holden has been in private practice for 27 years representing employers of all sizes.  She handled all aspects of employment law including defense of cases in federal and state court as well as numerous federal and state administrative agencies.  She also specialized in immigration matters for employers and did estate planning for families.

She is currently in-house legal counsel for a physician group as well as assisting other clients with employment and healthcare related legal issues.

Kelly is on the Board of Interparish Ministries and the Finance Commission of St. Veronica Church. She graduated from Franklin College in Indiana in 1990 with a B.A. in Journalism and from Chase College of Law in 1996.  She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and four children.