NPP Enrollment & Credentialing Tactics to Speed Approval and Payment

Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 1:00PM ET Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Cati Harris, CBCS

The consequences of making a simple mistake during the non-physician provider credentialing and enrollment process are massive. Bottom line, your reimbursement for the services they provide is on the line.

Non-physician provider credentialing and enrollment requirements are just plain different than those for physicians. To make things even more confusing, how, what and when you submit your NPP information is different by payer as well. Some examples include NPP-specific application fees, compliant collaborative agreement, linking to a supervising physician, admitting privilege requirements, etc.

The only way to get your NPP into a payer network, and to maintain their ability to get paid, is to the master provider credentialing and enrollment rules specific to them. The good news is there’s help available…

On Wednesday, September 22nd at 1pm ET, non-physician provider credentialing and enrollment expert, Cati Harris, CBCS, is presenting an online training that can make the process faster and easier for you. During this 60-minute online training, Cati will provide you with an easy-to-follow roadmap that will walk you through the nuances of provider credentialing and enrollment for your NPPs. She’ll help you speed up approval and avoid payer billing blocks.

By attending this upcoming online training, you’ll get step-by-step directions on how to get your non-physician provider credentialing and enrollment processed and approved by payer plans more quickly and continue to get your NPP claims paid. Here are just a few of the practical tactics you’ll receive:

  • Stop employment gaps from holding up your NPP enrollment approval
  • Implement a compliant collaborative agreement with your supervising physician
  • Link NPP licenses to supervising physician correctly for faster pay up
  • Identify when you must link your NPP to your physician for payer approval
  • Pin down specific Board certification requirements to ensure payer acceptance
  • Comply with controlled substance rules for NPPs without a DEA license
  • Prevent a lack of admitting privileges from blocking NPP hospital access
  • Uncover when you must pay an application fee for NPP enrollment
  • Speed up credential verification with simple change to your process
  • Simplify when to include NPP credentials or link directly with your practice’s tax ID
  • And so much more…

If you have an NPP seeing patients at your office, regardless of your practice’s size or location, this upcoming online training is a must. The plain-English advice you’ll receive during this training will help make your non-physician provider credentialing and enrollment faster and more successful. You’ll have the tools to head off stop mishaps that can prevent your ability to get paid.

The nonphysician practitioners at your practice are important part of your team. Your practice and patients depend on them. In turn, they depend on you to ensure that the services they provide can be reimbursed. Sign up for this upcoming online training today to make your non-physician provider credentialing and enrollment process quicker, easier and more successful. Don’t wait, register right now.

Meet Your Expert

Cati Harris
CBCSCredentialing, Billing, and Coding Specialist

Cati Harris is a nationally certified credentialing, billing, and coding specialist, with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Cati is the Director of Credentialing/Contracting with Solar, Inc., a third-party billing company providing physicians across all specialties full-service revenue cycle management and billing. Cati’s expertise extends through managing credentialing services and contract/fee schedule negotiations for providers with all major payers.