Stop OSHA Penalties: New COVID Employee Vaccine Rule

Date: Tuesday, November 9, 2021 1:00PM ET Length: 90 Minutes Expert: Matthew Deffebach, JD

Bottom line: Compliance with the new OSHA COVID vaccine and testing mandate for your employees is NOT optional. Even if you have under 100 employees, your practice could be required to implement these new rules— and OSHA is soon to be the enforcer.

Accepting government reimbursement (i.e., Medicare, Medicaid, etc.) also means that you will most likely be required to comply with the new  OSHA COVID vaccine and testing mandates for employees.

Failure to abide by these new vaccination/testing directives are expected to result in OSHA penalties of up to $14,000 per violation. Accordingly, depending on the number of staff you have, these penalties can add up fast. The only answer is to have a solid handle on what these new OSHA COVID vaccine employee rules really require and to know how to implement them correctly.

This is where employment attorney and OSHA litigator, Matthew Deffebach, JD, can help. On Tuesday, November 9th at 1pm ET, Matthew will provide you with the details of these new OSHA COVID vaccine and testing mandates. He’ll provide you with the specifics of how to comply with these new rules, reduce your litigation risk, and minimize your chances of getting hit with a massive OSHA penalty.

Here are just a few of the vital questions you’ll get answered during this upcoming 90-minute online training that will help you comply with the new OSHA COVID vaccine and testing employee mandates:

  • Are you required to verify an employee’s vaccination card? If so, how?
  • Who pays for the COVID testing supplies (you or your employee)?
  • What policies should you include to protect against COVID vaccine liability?
  • Is it a HIPAA violation if an employee’s vaccination status becomes known to everyone?
  • What documentation is required for religious exemptions to apply?
  • Are you required to pay employees that have days off due to vaccine side effects?
  • Can these OSHA mandates increase your chance of a discrimination lawsuit?
  • Are there specific testing documentation requirements for nonvaccinated staff?
  • What is the best way to compliantly track employee vaccination statuses?
  • What vaccine medical exemptions are allowable under these new rules?
  • Are you required to fire staff who refuse to comply with these mandates?
  • How can you calculate and get paid for vaccination and testing expenses?
  • Is natural immunity considered a viable vaccine exemption reason?
  • How can you identify and head off potential employee OSHA complaints?
  • Are there employment laws that affect how you implement these new OSHA rules?
  • Are political or philosophical COVID vaccine exemption reasons allowed?
  • How will you be required to report employee vaccination status to OSHA?
  • And much more!

The new OSHA COVID vaccine and testing mandates for employees are not optional. If your practice is required to comply, unless you want to be hit with serious financial penalties, you must comply. However, you can significantly reduce your risk related to their implementation if you know how.

This new OSHA COVID vaccine and testing rule for employees are the first of their kind in the US. There is too much at stake for you to face them alone. Don’t miss your opportunity to get access to employment attorney and OSHA litigator, Matthew Deffebach, JD, during his upcoming must-attend online training. Sign up today.

By attending this upcoming online training, you’ll receive step-by-step actionable advice that will help you comply with this new OSHA COVID vaccine and testing mandate for employees. Here are a few more of the questions you’ll get answered by attending this online training:

  • Are you required to implement a hazard assessment plan?
  • What if an employee objects to their vaccine status being reported?
  • Are there new PTO rule requirements for employees with COVID?
  • If an employee chooses to be tested weekly, must this be kept confidential?
  • What measures are you required to take to ensure COVID data security?
  • And so much more…

P.S. Access to this online training is limited to give you a better training experience and to ensure that the expert presenter has the time to answer your questions. The only way to guarantee your attendance to this upcoming online training is to sign up right away.

Meet Your Expert

Matthew Deffebach
JDPartner at Haynes and Boone

Matthew Deffebach, JD is a partner at Haynes and Boone and is the chair of the firm’s OSHA and Workplace Disasters Practice Group. He assists healthcare clients to implement preventative measures to minimize OSHA claims and reduce their exposure to litigation. Matt is board certified in labor and employment law.

As an OSHA litigator, Matt has appeared in more than 30 states handling OSHA matters. He is familiar with both state and Federal OSHA program requirements. He has also successfully defended clients in OSHA administrative trials, including recent trials on PPE, Recordkeeping, and other regulatory matters.

In 2010, Law360 by Portfolio Media, Inc. named him a “Rising Star” and one of ten employment lawyers under 40 to watch. Thereafter, he received the 2013 International Law Office (ILO) and Lexology Client Choice award as the sole recipient in the Employment and Labor category in Texas. He has been recognized by Benchmark Litigation (Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC) as a “Labor & Employment Star – South (2019-2021) and a Labor & Employment Star – West (2019).