OT & PT Coding Solutions Boost Payup


There is a lot riding on you accurately coding your physical and occupational therapy claims. It’s bad enough that incorrect coding leads to the denial and nonpayment of your claims, but it can also lead to you being paid for services you didn’t necessarily perform. This is actually much worse than not being paid at all.

Medicare has stepped up its pursuit of recouping reimbursement it believes it has paid in error to physical and occupational practices. In fact, based on Medicare’s Fee for Service Incorrect Payment Report, the agency projected that it will improperly pay you $579 MILLION. And you can count on them wanting as much of that money back as possible.

So, how do you improve the overall accuracy of your occupational and physical therapy claims, especially considering the complexities related to getting it right? Well, expert coder, Jennifer Swindle, RHIT, CCS, CCS-P, CDIP, CPC, CIC, CPMA, CEMC, CFPC, has the answer, and wants to share it with you.

During her 60-minute online training session, Jennifer will tell you exactly how you can improve the precision of your physical and occupational therapy coding. She’ll provide you with proven strategies that you’ll be able to easily put into practice, and that will make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Here are just a few of the step-by-step tactics you’ll receive by ordering this 60-minute online training:

  • Reduce denials by more correctly applying modifier 59 (and X modifiers) for added services
  • Boost your claim payments by identifying the most accurate “level” of service
  • Get paid for more services by separating bundled services with the right modifier
  • Perfect the specificity of your diagnosis code(s) to support medical necessity
  • Master G code application to get more of your claims paid
  • More quickly decipher documented patient severity to improve coding accuracy
  • Utilize supporting services to maximize accident code reimbursement
  • And so much more….

Who should order: Specialty practices that will benefit from this session include: Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine, Occupational Medicine, etc. ANY practice or clinic providing outpatient occupational and/or physical therapy services that wants to be paid more for the services they provide should order.

By applying the expert strategies you’ll learn during this online training, you CAN improve the amount of reimbursement you receive for the occupational and physical therapy services you provide. Plus, you won’t have to worry that you are doing something wrong that will lead to audits or fraud violation penalties.

Don’t wait, order this online training session today.

Meet Your Expert

Jennifer Swindle
RHIT, CCS, CCS-P, CDIP, CPC, CIC, CPMA, CEMC, CFPCVP Quality and Service Excellence, Salud Revenue Partners

Jennifer has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She spent most of that time leading coding and compliance initiatives in large healthcare organizations and as a consultant.

In her role with Salud, Jennifer is responsible for physician and staff education, implementing compliance plans and evaluating clients’ current compliance initiatives, providing coding outsourcing to assist clients with timely filing needs, and providing chart audits and data review for assessment of current coding practices.

Jennifer is a published thought leader in hospital and physician group coding and compliance. She is highly credentialed through the American Health Information Management Association and the American Academy of Professional Coders. Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree from City University of Seattle.


The speaker was very fluid in her presentation. The content was concise and to the point.
Lisa Mcgrew
Billing Coordinator, Hand and Arm Therapy Specialists
Christy Owen
Billing & IT Manager, Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Easy to follow, appreciate the handout.
Kendra Beckstead
Office Manager, Central NE Rehab Services