2-Part Series: Reduce Patient No-Shows and Patient “Firing” Liability


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Part : Fire Your Patient Without Fear of Litigation

Healthcare attorney provides plain-English advice on how you can correctly terminate a physician-patient relationship without the expense and stress of ending up in court. This online training will provide ...

Part 2: Reduce Legal Risk and Lost Revenue

Proven strategies to help you reduce lost revenue from patient no shows without increasing your legal risk. Learn specifically what actions will and won’t get you into legal trouble as you get more patients …


You CAN avoid the legal fallout from having to “fire” a patient and head off significant losses from patient no-shows with a little help from healthcare attorneys, Heidi Kocher, BS, MBA, JD, CHC and Jennifer Searfoss, Esq, CPOM, CHCI, CMCS, during a 2-part online training series:

Part 1: Firing a patient, for whatever the reason, comes with serious legal implications. If done incorrectly, your patient could end up feeling neglected, discarded and discriminated against – all of which open the doors to legal headaches and financial losses for you. See a more detailed description of this online training below.

Part 2: Patient no-shows are a chronic problem. On average, outpatient no-show rates generate an average loss of 14% in daily revenue! You don’t necessarily have to remove these patients from your practice. You can receive proven tactics to get these patients to show up on time. More details about this online training are included below.

Each of these online trainings are led by nationally-recognized healthcare compliance attorneys that will walk you through how to resolve these challenging and costly issues. You’ll receive step-by-step, plain-English strategies you can put into action immediately. Don’t face these important issues alone.

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PART 1: Fire Your Patient Without Fear of Litigation

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Terminating a physician-patient relationship is fraught with dangers that can land you in serious legal and financial hot water.

When you “fire” a patient, they can easily feel neglected, discarded and discriminated against.

This is what typically drives a patient to accuse you of patient abandonment. And if this happens, you can count on ending up in a legal and financial nightmare you want NO part of.

However, if you know how, you can end a patient relationship without the worry of being accused of wrongdoing or the stress and expense of defending your actions in court.

The answer is to follow a specific step-by-step patient relationship termination policy, and this is where healthcare attorney and educator, Heidi Kocher, BS, MBA, JD, CHC, can help.

PART 2: Patient No-Shows: Reduce Legal Risk and Lost Revenue

Order the On-Demand version and Listen to it at your convenience.

Patient no-shows are insanely expensive and can seriously increase your practice’s legal risk.

The problem is, that the solutions you’ve probably implemented, charging a no-show fee or dismissing a patient for chronic missed appointments, can open you up to liabilities that can cost you more than the original no-show.

So, what can you do to better manage patient no-shows, reduce your legal risk and avoid massive revenue losses? That’s where nationally-recognized healthcare compliance attorney, Jennifer Searfoss, Esq, CPOM, CHCI, CMCS, can help. During her online training, Jennifer will provide you with step-by-step answers to this costly, lawsuit-ridden issue.

Past Webinar Reviews:

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– Nancy Funt, Lourdes Noreen McKeen

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– Abhishek Tomar, Ambulatory Clinical Quality Officer, Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center

“I thought the speaker was well informed and presented the subject matter well.”
– Deborah Derbyshire, Practice Administrator, BergerHenry ENT Specialty Group

“The webinar was very organized and had a good flow.”
– Tonia Moore, Practice Manager, Responder Support Services

“Well put together! The speaker was pleasant and easy to understand.”
– Lucas Rogers, Customer Service Manager, Mclean County Orthopedics

“Practical, with good handouts.”
-Kathy Hill, COO, Benefis

“The webinar was clear, concise and helpful. Time-frame of 1 hour was perfect. We really enjoyed the Q&A!”
– Anna Fellmann, CMO, Altura Centers for Health

“We liked EVERYTHING about this webinar!”
– Sharay Hazel, Manager, Edgewater Health

“The speaker was excellent, and the information was delivered very well.”
– Penny Hattley, Senior Director of Operations, Cardiovascular Consultants, Ltd

– Kenneth Jones, Deputy CMO, Morris Heights Health Center

“All of my questions were answered!”
– Nova McGrew, Practice Manager, Nexus Health

Meet Your Experts

Heidi Kocher
B.S., M.B.A, J.D., CHCHealthcare Attorney, Liles Parker PLLC

Heidi has 20 years of experience in health care legal and compliance related issues. Her experience includes positions at a large hospital corporation, serving as a compliance officer for a sleep lab/DME company and a compliance director, chief privacy officer and interim chief compliance officer at a medical device manufacturer.

In addition, she has represented and advised critical access and long-term care hospitals, physician groups, home health agencies, DME companies, pharmacies (including compounding pharmacies), non-profit organizations, and licensed individuals. As a result, she understands the complexities and challenges that providers large and small face in complying with increasingly varied and complex laws.

She is an expert in all aspects of compliance and privacy programs, including developing and deploying policies, procedures and training. Her experience includes implementing the various requirements and aspects of a Corporate Integrity Agreement, responding to and defending audits from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers up through the ALJ level, guiding clients through voluntary self-disclosures, seeking advisory opinions from the OIG, and defending FDA audits.

Heidi developed criteria for and implemented an aggregate spend system, permitting a medical device manufacturer to timely report correct information under the Physician Open Payments Acts (also known as the Physician Payments Sunshine Act).

In addition, she is experienced in developing and implementing a compliance program to address Foreign Corrupt Practices Act requirements, including Eucomed guidelines. She also has significant reimbursement experience, addressing coverage policy issues, challenging denials, recoupments, and loss of billing privileges, obtaining HCPCS codes, and other reimbursement related issues.

Jennifer Searfoss
Esq.Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

As the Chief Legal and Compliance Officer for U.S. Foot and Ankle Specialists, Jennifer Searfoss, Esq. leads and manages the legal and compliance functions for the MidAtlantic group.

Jennifer has always been passionate about helping physicians improve their compliance. As the Founder and CEO of the Searfoss Consulting Group (SCG Health), she focused on improving providers quality measurements. Prior to taking on the role as entrepreneur, Jennifer was the Vice President of External Provider Relations for UnitedHealthcare where she reviewed and approved education programs for commercial and Medicare physicians.

Her background in legal and compliance began with the accomplished foundation of serving the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) as the External Relations Liaison. In addition to coordinating MGMA advocacy, she also was the Government Affairs Representative for the Eastern & Southern Sections.

Jennifer has had the pleasure of teaching health care law at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and health care policy at George Washington University. She received her undergraduate degree in health science and policy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and law degree from the University of Maryland. She is a member in good standing of the Maryland bar since 2005. Jennifer, her husband and their two fuzzy children (a cat and a dog) reside in Northern Virginia.