Compliance Plan: Protect Yourself from Fines or Even Jail

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Kelly Grahovac, MBA

Let’s face it, no one WANTS to create and maintain a compliance program into their practice. But if you see Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP patients, you have no choice. 

Without a compliance plan, your chances of getting caught violating the False Claims Act, HIPAA, stark or anti-kickback rule goes through the roof. Individually, each one of these regulations are complex and have numerous ways to trip you up. Together, your chances of remaining compliant without a compliance plan in place is seriously reduced.

Currently, the number of physician practices being audited are on the rise. As a result, more and more providers are being accused of fraud and noncompliance and required to pay massive penalties or are even being sentenced to jail time.   These are physician practices just like yours. In many instances, they were not intentionally doing something wrong, but because they had no way to identify and rectify their mistakes, they’re left dealing with the serious consequences.

Implementing a compliance plan doesn’t have to be overly time consuming or difficult. This is how Kelly Grahovac, Senior Consultant with The van Halem Group can help. During a 60-minute online training session, Kelly will walk you through how to more easily and quickly implement a compliance plan that can protect your providers and practice.

Here are a couple of the step-by-step, easy-to-implement compliance plan strategies Kelly will walk you through during her 60-minute online training:

  • Proven methods to use your compliance plan to avoid violation accusations
  • Documentation strategies to avoid losing your Medicare enrollment approval
  • Successfully utilize the 7 elements of an effective compliance program in your daily activities
  • Significantly reduce your risk via collaborative efforts with outside entities
  • Identify the highest risk areas in YOUR practice and how to protect them
  • And so much more…

There is no doubt about it, having a compliance plan in place can keep you out of trouble. But if you do end up in compliance hot water, it can also help you prove you’re trying to be compliant which can lead to reduced fines or no jail time.

Compliance is a complex topic, but you don’t have to face it alone. By ordering this online training session you’ll receive easy-to-follow strategies so you can implement a successful compliance program into your practice. So, don’t wait, order today.

Meet Your Expert

Kelly Grahovac
MBAGeneral Manager for the van Halem Group

Kelly Grahovac serves as the General Manager for The van Halem Group where she focuses on audits, appeals, education and training across multiple lines of business and various specialties. Kelly is a known lecturer in the DME and HHH industries, speaking at national conferences, state associations, and for private events.

Kelly has nearly 10 years of experience at one of the nation’s leading Medicare contractors where she worked for the DMERC, QIC, and A/B MAC. She has since brought this knowledge and experience over to The van Halem Group, where she has been working since 2013 to assist providers as they navigate the ever changing healthcare payor landscape.