PECOS Medicare Enrollment: Master It To Speed Up Your Approval


The easiest way to get your provider’s Medicare application declined is to submit incomplete or inaccurate information.  The problem is that the Medicare PECOS enrollment directions are convoluted – even for seasoned professionals. It almost seems like they get some sort of joy out of making the process as hard as possible.

The negative results associated with a declined PECOS Medicare enrollment are significant. They range from a delay in your reimbursement to your providers being unable to see Medicare patients at all. Accordingly, mastering Medicare’s Provider Enrollment Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS) is essential to your ability to see and get reimbursed for Medicare patients.

This is where credentialing expert, Chastity Werner, RHIT, CMPE, CRCR, NCP, can help. During this online training, Chastity will walk you through each essential step of the Medicare enrollment process. In only 60 minutes, you’ll receive proven enrollment strategies that will help ensure you get it right the first time.

Here are just a few of the practical, must-have application Medicare PECOS enrollment tactics you’ll receive by attending this 60-minute online training:

  • Head off the most common errors when filing CMS Forms 855B for medical practices
  • Set up your I&A System Account to quickly gain access to PECOS
  • Easily choose the correct CMS 855 form to improve first time approvals
  • Master provider electronic signature process to help speed approval process
  • Simplify Medicare reassignment of benefits for existing providers
  • Designate an Authorized Official (AO) for providers to comply with CMS rules
  • Overcome the most common mistakes related to required enrollment documents
  • Make application changes more quickly and accurately
  • Comply with Medicare Timely Reporting regulations to get approved more quickly
  • More accurately communicate your EFT and special payments address
  • Avoid ownership errors that can stall your application approval
  • Upload required documents and signature pages correctly the first time
  • And so much more…

This training is for ANYONE who needs help enrolling providers in Medicare using PECOS. It’s also perfect for those that just want to simplify their enrollment and improve their approval success.

During this practical, online training session you’ll receive a breakdown of each specific step you must take to ensure your providers are enrolled accurately and efficiently the first time you submit their application. Utilizing these proven strategies will give you the tools to seamlessly complete all required Medicare application questions for both your new and existing providers.

Medicare enrollment continues to be a challenge for thousands of practices nationwide. Multiple, similar enrollment forms, confusing language and the importance of getting every detail correct makes this online training session a must-attend for all professionals enrolling providers into Medicare.

Meet Your Expert

Chastity Werner
RHIT, CMPE, CRCR, NCPCEO of Nationwide Prescription Connection

Chastity is the CEO for Nationwide Prescription Connection, a pharmaceutical patient assistance advocate company.  NPC assists hospitals and clinics get their patients approved for medication that has been prescribed, but they cannot afford.  Chastity also has an independent consultant firm that works with hospital and physician clients on nearly every aspect of practice and faculty management including credentialing (provider enrollment), revenue cycle performance improvement, and operation efficiency. Her 20-year health care career includes hospital, physician, and payer segments of the industry.

From starting at the front desk, through claim adjudication, Chastity has successfully worked with practices, hospitals, clearinghouses and insurance companies. She has experience ranging from underwriting, to claim processing as well as clearinghouse assessments and operation improvements. Having experienced total EHR/PMS implementation firsthand, she is a valuable resource in this area.

Her unique experience in the healthcare industry has allowed her to see the full spectrum of revenue cycle, and allows her to successfully identify and resolve client issues with revenue cycle improvement, EHR/PMS implementation, reporting, bench marking and claims processing. Chastity brings comprehensive revenue cycle experience to her clients, from patient access through reporting and bench marking that is critical to the financial viability of medical practices.


I liked the handouts and speaker. She was thorough.
Rosa Sanchez
HR Assistant, CommuniCare
The webinar was great!
Aubrey James
Revenue Cycle Manager, Jane Pauley CHC