Combat Damaging Online Reviews of Your Practice to Win More Patients

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When you respond to online reviews for your practice (both positive and negative) it’s like walking through a minefield. Any minute you could make a mistake and suffer the consequences.

It’s not just the review itself that can cause problems (loss of patients, referrals and reputation), but it’s how you respond.

Get it wrong and you could be faced with significant revenue losses or with a HIPAA complaint that leads to audits, violations and fines – not to mention the massive headaches.

So, why not just ignore online reviews. This is a dangerous strategy. A poor online review left unanswered can have a ripple effect and cost you patients for years to come.

So, how can you avoid an online review about your physician or practice from blowing up in your face?

There is a way, but you must know how, and compliance expert Chad Schiffman, can help. During his 60-minute online training session, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance and how to accurately respond to online reviews to benefit your practice. You’ll also learn how to protect yourself from the costly consequences of getting it wrong.

Here are just a few of the online review response strategies you’ll receive by attending this expert-led online training session:

  • Top review responses to improve patient engagement and drive referrals
  • Actionable steps to turn a negative review into a positive one without violating HIPAA
  • Turn online negative reviews into positive ones and save your online reputation
  • Determine the best time to respond to a review to maximize success
  • How to document online untruths should you be left with no choice but to sue
  • Stop well-meaning staff review responses from landing you in hot water
  • Avoid needless legal fees, learn when it’s time to call a lawyer and what to expect
  • The difference between patient testimonials vs. reviews and how to use them
  • How to stop social media comment responses from hurting your practice
  • How to effectively respond to negative online comments without sounding defensive
  • Determine when it is and isn’t appropriate to reach out to the reviewer offline
  • Get specific terms you can and can’t use when defending your reputation online
  • How to apologize for a mistake in an online response without violating HIPAA rules
  • Determine whether you should or should not allow reviews on your social media pages
  • How to request (and not pressure) patients for a good review
  • Don’t let innocent review incentives to patients get you in trouble
  • Proven tactics to make a bad review obsolete
  • Implement tracking and response program that works and won’t get you into trouble
  • And much more…

You can’t afford to neglect your online reputation. Patients are only going to rely on online reviews and ratings MORE in the coming years not less. If you want your practice to be successful, you really have no choice.

You must manage your online reviews correctly to remain competitive. The challenge is doing so without hurting your practice in the process.

Patients are trusting online reviews and ratings more than the information on your own website. If you want your practice to be successful, you must know how to effectively manage your online reputation, and how to head off costly review response mistakes.

This expert-led online training session will teach you how.  This online training will sell out, so don’t wait, reserve your spot today.

How Important is Your Online Reputation – Really?

If you are ignoring your online ratings or not responding to negative online
comments correctly, you are doing so at your own peril.  Here are a few
eye-opening statistics to consider from two online patient surveys1:

  • 95% found online physician reviews and rating accurate (97% of millennials)
  • 70% use online reviews and ratings to choose a physician
  • 41% checked a doctor’s online review/rating even if they were referred by another physician
  • Only 38.4% said that your website contributes to their practice decision
  • 51.8% of patients that posted negative online comments never received a response
  • 60% of patients that did get a response to a negative online comment were “satisfied” or “very satisfied”

When you consider the statistics above, can you really afford NOT to
correctly manage your online reputation.  Don’t wait, sign up for this
upcoming expert-led, online training today.

1.    (a) 2018 Binary Fountain 1,000 patient survey; (b) 2019 PatientPop 839 patient online reputation survey.

Meet Your Expert

Chad Schiffman
HCISSP, CRCMP, MADirector of Compliance for Healthcare Compliance Pros (HCP)

Chad joined Healthcare Compliance Pros (HCP) in 2014 as the Director of Compliance. Chad’s seasoned background includes over 20 years combined experience in healthcare, information technology and compliance consulting services. Chad is primarily involved in consulting with healthcare clients about their HIPAA and HIPAA HITECH-related issues including breach determination, breach mitigation and corporate OIG and CMS compliance.

Chad is involved in several on-site client audits and helps successfully implement HIPAA regulatory requirements to protect healthcare organizations from serious fines related to audits and breaches. Through his national experience in remediating regulatory issues, Chad possesses a broad knowledge of U.S. state and federal agencies and provides in-depth regulatory support and assistance for all clients.

In addition to working directly with clients related to all compliance matters, Chad is also a main contributor to HCP’s weekly healthcare forum where he shares his expert knowledge related to industry topics, trending compliance news, and new regulation requirements. Chad is a published author with several advocacy groups including MGMA, AAOE, RBMA, AOA, PAHCOM, and HBMA.

Chad holds undergraduate degrees in the areas of Medical Specialties and Healthcare Administration, and a master’s degree in Healthcare Informatics.



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