Physician Service Agreements: Reduce Risk & Get Paid More

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Allison Pullins

Hospital service agreements are not written to protect your provider or your practice. Remember, the contract was written by hospital attorneys, to look after the hospital’s interests, not yours.

Sure, signing a physician service agreement with a hospital can mean extra revenue for your practice, but how much risk is there really? If not done correctly your provider will end up wasting time and earning less. Even worse, you practice could be left exposed to state and federal violations leading to expensive fines or even provider jail time (yes, it happens).

Luckily, hospital contracting expert, Allison Pullins, is here to help. Allison is presenting a 60-minute online training that will provide you with proven strategies to help you end up with a hospital contract that works for you, and not just the hospital. This training will provide you with plain-English tactics to help your physician agreements with hospitals be more profitable, compliant, and favorable to your provider and practice.

Here are just a few of the hospital service agreement negotiation tactics you’ll receive during this training that will help you improve what your practice gets out of their contracts:

  • Head off personal liability if a hospital arrangement turns out to be non-compliant
  • Avoid hidden Stark and Anti-Kickback contract missteps that can get you into legal trouble
  • Improve your compensation by knowing where to find additional compensation data
  • Secure more favorable contracts using must-know—but hard-to-find—information
  • Work with hospital administration, not against them, to get the best deal
  • Implement proven negotiation strategies to boost the amount you are paid
  • Identify problematic contract terminology before you sign to avoid legal nightmares
  • Pin down the difference between restricted and non-restricted contracts
  • And so much more…

Who should attend? This training will walk you through how to negotiate a more beneficial hospital-physician service agreement in plain-English. It will be most beneficial to practice administrators and clinicians that currently have an active hospital contract or are getting ready to sign one.

The on-call arrangements your provider has with hospital are tricky, and the consequences for non-compliance are severe, both for your practice and for your providers. This upcoming online training will help you ensure your practice avoids signing a provider hospital contract that could leave you facing serious state and federal legal violations.

During this hour-long session, Allison will walk you through how to improve your provider’s compensation and ultimately have a better relationship with the hospital being contracted with. Register for this online training session now, and ensure your provider and practice are financially and legally protected. Don’t wait!

Meet Your Expert

Allison PullinsVice President, Chief Strategy and Operating Officer

Allison Pullins is a healthcare executive with 15 years of industry experience. She is currently Vice President, Chief Strategy and Operating Officer at MD Ranger, Inc. based in Burlingame, California.  Allison has expertise in healthcare provider organizations and has worked with hundreds of hospitals and medical groups as clients. Prior to MD Ranger, she held leadership roles at The Advisory Board Company.

Allison has been the lead speaker in more than 80 educational webinars to thousands of healthcare professionals across the US and has been published in Becker’s Hospital Review.  She has spoken for the Health Care Compliance Association and been featured in the American Health Law Association’s “Health Law Disruptors 2030” video series.


The webinar was very informative.
Laura Valls
Administrator, Salud y Vida