Prior Authorization Tactics that Boost Payments


If you want to get paid, prior authorizations (PAs) are a necessary evil. You’re at the mercy of your payers’ antiquated systems and inefficient, manual processes that delay patient care and suck up hours and hours of your time.

PAs put an extremely intense burden on your practice, your staff and you – not to mention your patients. Even though there is no way to eliminate the administrative hassle of PAs, you can improve your efficiency and overall approval rate with some help.

That’s where billing expert, Mindy Burns Smith, RN, RHIA, CPC, comes in. She will share her proven methods to cut down on PA processing time, and increase your overall approval rate. During this, 60-minute online training session, you’ll receive concise, step-by-step advice on how you can perfect your PA process.

Here are just some of the practical, easy-to-implement tactics you’ll receive from this training:

  • Use payer education to reverse a PA denial
  • Proven PA tracking “tickler” system that’s easy and effective
  • Simple documentation terms that lead to fast PA approval
  • Set up medication “step therapy” cheat sheet to save hours
  • Utilize proven appeal tools that get denials overturned
  • Get more medication PAs approved the first time and cut down on patient medication calls
  • And so much more…

SEE HOW YOU COMPARE: Based on an AMA survey, 1,000 physician practices reported the following on their prior authorizations: spends 16.4 hours a week processing, 90% see patient care delays waiting for approval, they process 36.6 PAs per week, and only 72% of PAs are approved on initial submission.

Just about every specialty and type of practice must deal with the frustrations of getting PAs approved if they want to get paid for the services they provide. And when you add medication PAs into the mix, the time required to manage the process and the patients significantly increases.

Although you’ll never get rid of all the headaches associated with getting the services you provide and the medications you prescribe preauthorized, you can make your life considerably easier and improve your results. Don’t wait, order this online training today.

Meet Your Expert

Mindy Burns Smith
RN, RHIA, CPCMedical Office Administration Instructor, Concorde Career College

For over thirty years, Mindy has been involved in nearly all aspects of a medical office including as a clinical nurse, chart auditing, and medical claims management.

Her expertise has resulted in a 95% increase in chart accuracy, 80% decrease in claims rebilling, and 80% increase in correct coding for initial claims for her practices.

She is a certified coding and billing instructor providing training in correct coding, coding consultations, and medical office administration. She completed a bachelor’s degree in Health Informatics. She also obtained RHIA and CPC certifications.


Well put together, great presentation.
Sherry Harding
Surgery Coder, Urologic Specialists of oklahoma
Went smoothly. Mindy gave some info that I was not aware of and will look into the insurance updates.
Cindy Crowder
Pt. Access Rep II, CPC-A, Tucson Medical Netwok
Very informative.
Kim Stinnett
Office Manager, Macoupin County Maple Street Clinic