Cut Down on Prior Authorization Nightmares

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Robin Justice

Getting and managing prior authorizations (PAs) from payers is a nightmare. An administrative and financial pain. Unfortunately, if you want to get paid, you don’t have a choice.

To make matters worse, every payer seems to have their own preauthorization guidelines you must adhere to, and the number of procedures and medications that require preapproval continues to rise. So, if you can’t refuse to process PAs, what can you do?

Revenue cycle expert, Robin Justice, can help. During her online training session, she’ll show you how to reduce your PA administrative and financial burdens. During this 60-minute online training, Robin will tell you exactly how to more effectively process your PAs so you can receive more of the reimbursement you deserve without the hassle of chasing approvals.

Here are just a few of the proven, plain-English strategies you’ll receive by viewing this 60-minute expert-led training:

  • Avoid missed authorizations and their payments with simple workflow rework
  • Implement payer PA audit process to streamline processes, save time and money
  • Utilize proven appeal tools that get denials overturned
  • Develop must-have management reports to monitor process efficiency
  • Get more medication PAs approved the first time and cut down on patient medication calls
  • Cut PA pain with better staff assignments
  • Proven PA tracking “tickler” system that’s easy and effective
  • Proven strategies to appeal and win more denials
  • Proven PA process forms that make your life easier
  • Work denials more efficiently with simple, proven steps
  • Use payer education to reverse a PA denial
  • Master easy-to-use PA resources to reduce stress and denials
  • Simple documentation terms that lead to fast PA approval
  • Improve patient intake accuracy and stop lost revenue
  • And so much more…

Although the bulk of your PAs are eventually approved by payers, the hoops they make you jump through to get authorization are expensive, time draining and frustrating. No doubt, you are at the mercy of payers. If they require a PA, and you want to get paid, you have to get it. However, there is a better way.

You can improve your prior authorization process and reduce required staff resources, expensive and lost revenue with a little help. Order this must-attend training today to take back control of your PA process.

Meet Your Expert

Robin JusticeRevenue Cycle and Healthcare Management Expert

Robin is a Revenue Cycle and Healthcare Management expert with over 18 years’ experience.  As a former Director of Client Services, Billing and Collections she has helped physicians and administrative leaders in a wide variety of specialties achieve optimal bottom line results with her knowledge of payments, collections and aged A/R, credentialing, compliance, government incentive and quality programs, software system implementations, and practice operations.

Robin began her healthcare career in the front office where she quickly learned that it truly takes all members of the practice team working together to optimize the patient experience and exceed financial goals.  She gained valuable experience as a Corporate Trainer then Director of Client Services for the national Revenue Cycle Management company Origin Healthcare (formerly Partners in Practice) where she was responsible for each clients’ revenue; including all aspects from credentialing, to denial management and financial reports.

As the Director of Billing and Collections for a large orthopedic practice in Sarasota, Florida Robin was responsible again for all areas of the revenue cycle, this time with the help of an in-house Billing and Collection team.

With increased flexibility and a wide range of clients and services, Robin now dedicates her time to Healthcare Management Consulting, a boutique Consulting firm in Sarasota, Florida.