Cut Through Preauthorization Red Tape and Boost Your Pay up

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Gina Piccirilli, CPC, CPMA CEU: 1.0

If you want to get paid, prior authorizations are a necessary evil. You’re at the mercy of your payers’ antiquated systems. Their inefficient, manual processes delay patient care and suck up hours and hours of your valuable time – and sometimes you STILL don’t get paid.

No matter how you shake it, prior authorizations put an extremely intense burden on your practice, your staff and you – not to mention your patients. Even though there is no way to eliminate the administrative hassle of prior authorizations, you can improve your efficiency and overall approval rate with some help.

Improve Your Preauthorization Results for Faster Pay up

This is where preauthorization expert and consultant, Gina Piccirilli, CPC, CPMA, can help.

During her online training, she’ll share her proven methods to cut down on your processing time, and increase your overall approval rate. During this 60-minute online training session, you’ll receive concise, step-by-step advice on how you can perfect your prior authorization process to save you time and get more of your claims paid.

Here are just a few of the step-by-step, real-world prior authorization strategies you’ll receive by attending this 60-minute online training:

  • Improve medication & testing authorizations and stop wasting time on the phone
  • Overturn more rejected authorizations with proven 3-step-process
  • Stop prior authorizations and their payments from slipping through the cracks
  • Cut denials for medical necessity, and improve claim payup percentage
  • Improve continuity of care by getting prior authorizations approved more quickly
  • Combat payer alternative recommendations before they make them
  • Get more denials overturned with little-known appeal tactics
  • Map out non-covered services and procedures to reduce wasted time
  • Head off Medicare Advantage prior authorization hold ups with fast process fixes
  • Avoid lost revenue due to patient intake errors and boost your overall revenue
  • Master Affordable Care Act preauth rules, and avoid costly violations
  • Reduce delays in medical treatment due to slow authorization responses
  • Pin down patient responsibility and reduce payment write offs
  • Create a prior authorization map to get more of your claims paid
  • Use proven prior authorization audit tactics to streamline your processes, save time and money
  • And so much more…

IMPORTANT: The 2019 Medical Group Management Association’s (MGMA) Regulatory Burden Survey reported that 83% of practice respondents consider prior authorizations to be “extremely burdensome.” An American Medical Association (AMA) survey reported that 90% of surveyed physicians reported that this burden has risen in the last five years, with most saying the burden has “increased significantly.”

What could you do with 15 more hours per week? The AMA survey also reported that it takes, on average, 14.6 hours to process 29.1 prior authorizations (this is the per physician, per week average).  This training may not be able to get you all 15 hours back, but the proven strategies you’ll receive will help you significantly reduce this burden and improve your overall claims’ reimbursement.

Although you’ll never get rid of all the headaches associated with getting the services you provide and the medications you prescribe pre-authorized, you can make your life considerably easier and improve your results. Don’t wait, sign up for this online training today.

NOTE: Here are a few questions you’ll get answered by attending this upcoming prior authorization online training:

  • What is the greatest cause of lost prior authorization revenue?
  • How to combat a payer that consistently demands more information? It seems like they are just asking for more information to delay the authorization.
  • Do expedited medication prior authorizations negate the ability to file a denial appeal?
  • Is there a waiver that patients can sign that makes them responsible for payment should the authorization get denied?
  • What skills should a prior authorization representative have when hired?

Meet Your Expert

Gina Piccirilli
CPC, CPMAHIM Director for a Critical Access Hospital

Gina Piccirilli began her career in healthcare almost 20 years ago. She started in data entry and quickly added new roles to her resume. She has coded and audited multiple specialties and created congenial educational relationships with providers in all areas. Piccirilli now works as the HIM director at a critical access hospital in Ellenville, N.Y. She founded her company Revenue Cycle Solutions in January of 2019.  Her company provide consult based revenue cycle services, documentation improvement along with expert witness billing reviews for attorneys nationwide. She feels her key role in this business is to learn it everything you can, and then to give it away. Piccirilli’s motto: “We are only as strong as our weakest link, so we must educate and empower everyone who is willing.”


The speaker was very well understood and clear with her explanations and answers.
Jennifer Hoenes
Insurance Verification Clerk, Eastland Medical Plaza Surgicenter
The Facts given were interesting. Overall the webinar was very good and informative.
Janice Reiss
LPN/Prior Authorization Specialist, Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center
Helpful information.
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Patient Care Coodinator, Susquehanna Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Thought it was helpful, easy to understand.
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Radiology Manager, Concord Hospital