Stop CMS Audits from Taking Back COVID Telehealth Payments

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Amanda Waesch, Esq.

You are in serious jeopardy of losing a big chunk the Medicare telehealth reimbursement you received during the last two years.

Medicare’s Fraud Strikeforce is conducting invasive telehealth audits that use a fine-tooth comb to review all telehealth claims paid out during the pandemic.  Their goal: To recoup as much as possible from the massive amounts of money they paid out for telehealth services during the height of COVID.

Both Federal and state rules relaxed telehealth rules to help you survive during the craziness of the pandemic, but even the more lenient requirements were confusing and hard to get right. Your only chance to keep the telehealth reimbursements that are rightfully yours is to be prepared.

That’s where healthcare compliance attorney, Amanda Waesch, Esq., comes in. During her online training session, Amanda will walk you through, step-by-step, how to properly prepare for a Medicare telehealth audit. With her expert tactics you’ll receive from this training, you’ll be able to remain calm, cool, and collected when you receive that audit notification.

Here are just a few of the strategies, tactics, and tips you’ll learn to make preparing for a telehealth audit efficient, organized, and less stressful:

  • Prepare your audit response process now, so you’re not struggling at the last minute
  • Get tactics that work no matter what type of auditor has you in their sights (hint: there are several).
  • Anticipate auditor requests to make your Medicare telehealth audit less painful
  • Mitigate recoupments with proven strategies that reduce telehealth overpayments
  • Get a sneak-peek into OIG tactics and audit phases to head off any surprises
  • Streamline telehealth documentation and avoid being an audit target
  • Identify and resolve common telehealth billing errors before auditors knock on your door
  • Reduce overpayment denials from third-party payors with post-payment review checklist
  • Shore up documentation for audit-triggering services (i.e., opioid use disorder, end-stage renal disease, etc.)
  • Overcome telehealth technology errors to comply with Medicare reimbursement guidelines more easily
  • Equip yourself to survive an OIG telehealth services audit more easily and successfully
  • Decrease your claims error rate and fend off nosy auditors before you’re in the spotlight
  • And much more!

WARNING: You should be aware that if the Medicare Strike Force determines that your claims violated telehealth rules – even by mistake you’ll be required to return the reimbursement you received for these claims. You can also be forced to pay any additional fines or penalties that Medicare decides you owe.

The good news is you can avoid all these potential consequences by taking the time to prepare for a potential telehealth audit. Just a few simple steps of prevention can keep you from dealing with major headaches when the Strikeforce comes knocking on your door.

Auditors aren’t waiting, and you shouldn’t either. Register for this valuable online training today.

P.S. As an attendee of this online training, you’ll receive a Telehealth Audit Survival Checklist. This practical tool will help you more easily identify and resolve weak points in your telehealth claims before you get audited.

**Bonus tool will be provided with presentation handouts.

Meet Your Expert

Amanda Waesch
Esq.Healthcare Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond

Amanda Waesch, Esq., is a healthcare Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond.  Her practice focuses on healthcare, employment law and healthcare litigation across the country. She advises healthcare providers including practices and hospitals on reviewing and litigating employment agreements; non-compete agreements and severance agreements. Her work has benefited physicians and administrators in drafting and reviewing employer handbooks, as well as management and training issues.


The webinar was very informative and provided much needed information. Please keep these billing related webinars coming!
Sheila Johnson
Heartland Alliance