Earn $92 More Per Patient/Month for Extra Time Spent


You can now earn up to $92 more per patient per month for the extra time you spend caring for your sickest patients—even for your patients with only one chronic condition.


The new Principal Care Management (PCM) codes (G2064, G2065) make this additional revenue possible. Apply them correctly, and you will significantly increase the reimbursement you receive for your patients with chronic conditions. Get it wrong, and you risk being forced to repay money you’ve received – or worse, you could be flagged for an audit and get hit with massive fines and penalties.

That’s where expert coder and trainer, Kim Garner Huey MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO, comes in. By attending her 90-minute online training session, you’ll learn to confidently apply Principle Care Management codes so that you can finally collect the money you’ve been leaving on the table when you provide the added care required for your sickest patients.

Here are just a few of the Principle Care Management coding strategies you’ll receive during this comprehensive, 90-minute online training session:

  • Access PCM pay up for all allowable providers at your practice (hint: not just physicians)
  • Save valuable charting time by mastering PCM reporting requirements
  • Create an audit-proof, patient-centered care plan to substantiate your claim
  • Get paid even more for the time spent on more extensive care plans (G2058)
  • Capture time spent on complex care more easily and effectively to justify added reimbursement
  • Include extended care management time by knowing which add-on codes are appropriate
  • Meet patient informed consent requirements with specific communication tools
  • Reveal additional chronic care payment opportunities such as Chronic Care Management (CCM) (9948799490)
  • Discover when you can bill 99211 plus Transitional Care Management (TCM) (99495, 99496)
  • Prevent “double dipping” billing violations for Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM), TCM, and PCM
  • Pin down requirements for both remote and in-person care management codes
  • Safeguard reimbursement by adhering to “incident-to” and supervision rules
  • And so much more…

IMPORTANT: Don’t make the mistake of confusing the new PCM codes with previous chronic care management codes. The new PCM codes expand your opportunity to be reimbursed by reducing the number of chronic conditions a patient must have to only one. You can bill PCM services regardless of your specialty, size or location, if you know how.

With millions of Americans suffering from at least one chronic disease, you stand to benefit significantly from the new and updated care management codes—and you don’t have to be a primary care provider to do it. And while the reporting requirements for care management codes are numerous and complex, have no fear. You can master them quickly and easily with a little expert guidance.

Register today for this 90-minute online training session and you’ll learn how to finally get paid for the extra care you’ve been giving your complex patients all along. Stop leaving money on the table—sign up now!

The added $92 per patient per month you can receive is very real and can add up fast. For example, if just 40 of your patients qualify for annual PCM services (G2064), your reimbursement could increase by approximately $44,160 per year. To access this additional revenue, all you have to do is know which of your patients qualify and how to correctly apply the new PCM codes when submitting your claims. Stop providing these much-needed services for free, register for this online training today to finally get paid for more of what you deserve.


Meet Your Expert

Kim Huey
MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCOKGG Coding and Reimbursement Consulting, LLC

Kim is an independent coding and reimbursement consultant, providing audit, training and oversight of coding and reimbursement functions for physicians. Kim completed three years of pre-medical education at the University of Alabama before she decided that she preferred the business side of medicine.

She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management and went on to obtain certification through the American Academy of Professional Coders and the American Health Information Management Association.

Recognizing the important position of compliance in today’s world, she has also obtained certification as a Certified Healthcare Compliance Consultant and a Certified Healthcare Audit Professional. Kim is also an AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM trainer and has recently earned a Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law.

For over twenty-five years, Kim has worked with providers in virtually all specialties, from General Surgery to Obstetrics/Gynecology to Oncology to Internal Medicine and beyond. She has spoken at the national conference for numerous organizations.


Simple and easy to understand. Good examples. Speaker was knowledgeable.
Bianca Belcher
Steward Health Care, Clinical Operations VP
Elaborated more on the topics we use daily to complete our job. This webinar provided a good source of information.
Guadalupe L. Calzada
Reimbursement Specialist III, Emergence Health Network
Content was very clear, direct and well presented.
Lisa Ring
Billing Specialist, Mount Rogers Community Services
Evidenced-based, relevant, to the point. This was a well rounded webinar.
Tomasa Shanbhag
Director, Amador Health Center