3-Part Series: Ace Provider Credentialing & Enrollment Process, Get Paid Faster

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Part 1: Credentialing/Enrollment 101, Get Approved/Paid Faster & Easier

You must correctly incorporate the massive 2023 E/M changes to keep reimbursement flowing for prolonged services, ED visits and more. These expert, step-by-step coding tips will show you how.


Part 2: Speed Up Credentialing & Reimbursement for New Providers

When onboarding a new physician into your practice, your process must be flawless. A simple mistake can result in sever reimbursement delays – or worse, payer rule violations.  With this online training you'll get it right the first time.


Part 3: Delegated Credentialing: Tactics to Speed Enrollment & Payments

You can eliminate enrollment delays, get paid faster, and avoid re-enrollment disasters by getting your mid-sized to large practice set up to perform delegated credentialing. Get expert tactics on getting it right the first time.


Provider credentialing and enrollment are time-consuming tasks, but if you don’t do them on time — and accurately — you can forfeit thousands in reimbursement. Unfortunately, the payer enrollment portals are not intuitive, making it challenging to avoid costly mistakes.

The good news is that provider enrollment expert Tracey Tokheim, credentialing specialist Tammy West MHA/ED, CPMSM, CPCS and practice management expert David J. Zetter, PHR, SHRM-CP, CHC, CPCO, CPC, COC, PCS, FCS, CHBC, CMUP, PESC, CMAP, CMAPA, CMMP, CMHP want to help. These industry leaders have created customized training programs that will help you submit your provider credentialing and enrollment applications correctly the first time.

During their 3-Part Provider Credentialing and Enrollment training series, David, Tracey and Tammy will give you specific, actionable checklists to follow, pitfalls to avoid and timelines to follow if you want to get your providers approved swiftly. Once you’ve completed these three expert-led online trainings, you’ll have the insider strategies you need to master the provider onboarding process and navigate the enrollment and credentialing maze.

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PART 1: Credentialing/Enrollment 101, Get Approved/Paid Faster & Easier

Order the On-Demand Recording to Watch at Your Convenience.

Missing even one detail during the provider enrollment and credentialing process can result in serious reimbursement backlashes. However, with a little guidance, you could avoid these devastating revenue delays and ensure that your reimbursement keeps flowing.

That’s where provider enrollment and credentialing expert, Tracey Tokheim, can help. During her 90-minute online training session, she’ll walk you through the most important aspects of provider enrollment and credentialing, and help you ensure everything sails through the approval process the first time – meaning you get paid more quickly too.

Here are just a few of the step-by-step provider enrollment and credentialing strategies you’ll receive by attending this 90-minute online training:

  • Proven process to overcome the top barriers to successful enrollment
  • Identify application red flags fast and stop them from hurting your revenue
  • Avoid missed deadlines with proven provider enrollment activity tracking
  • Master electronic database application processes
  • Pin down clear hand-offs to avoid details falling through the cracks
  • Implement proven expirables management and stop being dropped
  • More easily and in less time check the status of your application
  • Determine whether you need to credential providers with EVERY single plan that your patients may have
  • Speed up payments for newly licensed non-physician practitioners
  • Proven Initial Application Process Checklist to avoid missed deadlines
  • Head off the most common references errors
  • And so much more…

PART 2: Speed Up Credentialing & Reimbursement for New Providers

Attend the Live session on Wednesday, January 24th at 1:00PM ET OR,
Available Immediately, Order the On-Demand Recording to Watch at Your Convenience.

When onboarding a new physician into your practice, your process must be flawless. The slightest mistake can result in significant reimbursement delays – or worse, payer rule violations.

There are a million details you must get right the first time. Failure to do so can significantly delay your new provider from being eligible to see patients and get paid. Even simple errors can get your set-up/transfer documents thrown out. Then you’ll be required to go through the entire process all over again.

It is vital that your new physician starts to see patients and get paid as soon as possible. You can make this happen by attending this upcoming online training presented by practice management expert, David J. Zetter, PHR, SHRM-CP, CHCC, CPCO, CPC, COC, PCS, FCS, CHBC, CMUP, PESC, CMAP, CMAPA, CMMP.

On Wednesday, January 24th at 1pm ET, David will walk you through each step of creating, implementing, and optimizing your new provider onboarding process. You can make your onboarding process more efficient and accurate. You can speed up your billing process and get paid more quickly. David’s upcoming online training will give you the proven tactics you need to make this happen.

Here are just a few of the challenging onboarding questions you’ll get expert answers to by attending this upcoming 60-minute online training:

  • Is it better for a new provider to bill under their NPI or your practice’s?
  • When is it possible to start credentialing for a new doctor before they arrive?
  • How can a new physician see patients before they are fully credentialed?
  • When and how must new doctors re-attest with PECOS and CAQH?
  • When can a new provider bill under another physician’s name at your practice?
  • How can you speed up a new provider’s Medicare enrollment transfer?
  • When is filing for temporary hospital privileges worth your time?
  • Can a new physician bill for services under the supervision of another provider?
  • If a new provider’s documents are not all in, can they still bill for their services?
  • How can you get your payer plans to approve a new physician more quickly?
  • And much more!

PART 3: Delegated Credentialing: Tactics to Speed Enrollment & Payments

Available Immediately. Order the On-Demand Recording to Watch at Your Convenience.

You can eliminate payer plan enrollment delays, get paid faster, and avoid re-enrollment disasters as long as your mid-sized practice is set up to perform delegated credentialing.

Payers want to hand off provider credentialing and re-credentialing to you, but you must have specific processes in place to qualify. Delegated credentialing provides you with control to enroll new providers into your payer plans almost immediately (so you get paid right away) and ensures that your current providers maintain enrollment without interruption.  

The key is knowing how to set up and maintain delegated credentialing status for your practice. This is where credentialing expert Tammy West MHA/ED, CPMSM, CPCS can help. During her 60-minute online training, Tammy will walk you through how to set up your own delegated credentialing program and provide you with proven strategies to manage it seamlessly and successfully. 

Here are just a few of the step-by-step delegated credentialing setup and maintenance strategies you’ll receive by attending this 60-minute online training:

  • Pin down payer delegated credentialing contract clauses
  • Determine which NCQA rules you need to implement to comply
  • Reduce time to conduct primary source verifications
  • Pinpoint who to include in your credentialing committee and what they really do
  • Master what constitutes a clean file and why it’s so important
  • Set up re-credentialing cycles that keep your providers enrolled (and you compliant)
  • Identify key documentation points that help you master a program audit
  • Illustrate your quality with payer notifications and appeal processes
  • Decide on the best method to manage your roster files to ensure top-quality
  • And so much more…

Past Webinar Reviews:

“I think the webinar was very helpful! I liked attending the live session because I was able to ask specific questions during the Q/A. Tracey is clearly very knowledgeable in the credentialing and enrollment field and I will use several of her recommendations to help with my workload.”
– Ashley James, Process Improvement Coordinator, Community Health Center of Yavapai

“The webinar was informative and provided clarification on several issues. Looking forward to attending more webinars!”
– Jennifer Miller, Chief Financial Officer, Pathway Healthcare

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Meet Your Experts

Tracey TokheimAperture Credentialing, LLC

A recognized leader known for crafting strategic vision to achieve business goals through the development and execution of process efficiency, out-of-the box thinking, and key management partnerships.

While serving as a Product Line Senior Director with Aperture Credentialing, LLC, Tracey has achieved a strong customer collaboration to secure customer commitment to efficient provider enrollment/credentialing and the use of our products to get to a very efficient process.

Tracey’s career is comprised of over fifteen years management experience and over ten years project management execution while being recognized by staff for exceptional customer focus and employee recognition opportunity as “One of our Best” nominated by employees and leaders.

Tracey has dedicated her adult career to health care organizations experiencing process failure and been a part of achieving process success, execution successful implementation of training and process change, and leaves a mark as a leader by example.

Tracey holds a Master’s in Business Administration and Project Management and donates time and dollars to help children play sports who otherwise cannot afford it.    She also has a passion for the outdoors while spending time with family and on her Harley.  Tracey lives in Minnesota hence being outdoors is a love and a must.  Even in the cold!!!

David J. Zetter
PHR, SHRM-CP, CHC, CPCO, CPC, COC, PCS, FCS, CHBC, CMUP, PESC, CMAP, CMAPA, CMMP, CMHPFounder & President, Zetter Healthcare Management Consultants

David Zetter is the founder and President of Zetter HealthCare, LLC in Mechanicsburg, PA and has over 30 years of operational and healthcare experience. David is nationally recognized for his presentations and expertise. He is well versed in regulatory requirements, revenue cycle management, credentialing and contracting, compliance, coding and documentation. He is considered an expert on Medicare, not only by his clients, but his consultant colleagues across the country. He has evaluated existing ambulatory care facilities and practices with respect to patient flow, operations, marketing, fee structures, use of ancillary services and financial considerations; developing strategic plans to improve profitability and productivity. His activities in management and compliance include physician practices, IDTFs, hospitals, ASCs, pharmacy, DME and other facility types, including coding and broad‐based regulatory issues. David has also conducted chart audits on behalf of Medicare contractors and Blue Cross/Blue Shield early in his career, so he has knowledge of what the expectations are from the payers.

David’s firm works with healthcare professional clients and facilities coast to coast, in all areas of practice and facility management including start‐ups, buy‐ins, compensation, exit strategies, reimbursement enhancement, practice financial modeling, governance documentation, policy and procedure development and implementation, credentialing and contracting, human resources staffing and management, compliance, coding and chart reviews, physician education and many other areas. David has helped to maximize both profitability and reimbursement of physician practices, facility and ambulatory practices, re‐engineered operational and human resources, and addressed coding and billing issues for providers to curtail fraud, abuse, kickback, OIG, and IRS issues. He is also an original member of CMS’ PECOS Power User Group, CMS Compliance Focus Group and MIPS Design Lean Work Group which provides feedback and recommendations to Medicare’s Center for Program Integrity and Provider Enrollment Operations Group on design and improvements to the PECOS enrollment environment, as well as, NPPES and MIPS and conducts beta testing of the EHR/HITECH user interfaces and environments at the request of the Office of e‐Health Standards & Services Director. David is also on the CMS contracted team awarded the PECOS 2.0 contract to rebuild PECOS from the ground up.

David has conducted practice management, human resource, coding and compliance education and seminars in many states over the past twenty‐five years. David speaks often on a variety of practice management subjects at hospital residency programs, the National Society for Certified Healthcare Business Consultants, the Medical Management Group Association, the American Academy of Professional Coders, AHIMA, Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Florida Medical Society, many other venues and is often called upon by the MGMA, HFMA, Decision Health, Part B News, Part B Insider, and many others, to conduct audio conferences and webinars. He has been published in Medical Economics and interviewed and quoted in many publications including Report on Patient Privacy and Report on Medicare Compliance.

David is a past President and current Executive Board Member of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants. He has served on the Education Committee for more than twenty years and is a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant. He is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and is a past Professional Development Chair and past Vice President of Human Resource Professionals of Central PA. David is also a past board member of the Central PA affiliate chapter of the American Academy of Professional Coders and is certified as a Professional Coder for physician practices, hospitals, and facilities. David is also a Certified Compliance Consultant and Officer. David is also a member of the American Health Lawyers Association, the Medical Group Management Association, and the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

David advises on and publishes operations policies and procedures manuals, employee handbooks, compliance manuals, HIPAA and OSHA and has published articles in numerous healthcare and human resource related magazines on subjects like coding and compliance, interviewing, recruitment, evaluations and disciplinary processes.

Tammy West
MHA/ED, CPMSM, CPCSDirector, Hardenbergh Group

Tammy West  is Director, Professional Services for The Hardenbergh Group. She brings  25 years of experience in healthcare administration and 15 years in Medical Staff Services. Tammy specializes in CVO operations, provider credentialing, provider enrollment, quality analysis, quality improvement, quality auditing, delegation audits, and policy and procedure creation and implementation. She has extensive experience with CMS, TJC and NCQA requirements for provider credentialing and medical staff services.

Tammy leverages her vast professional experience to identify and place experienced, qualified MSPs to help clients fill temporary vacancies, supplement existing staff during peak workloads, assess and improve operational efficiency, prepare for regulatory surveys and audits, pursue NCQA accreditation and certification, and more.

Prior to joining The Hardenbergh Group, Tammy was a consultant and independent contractor assisting hospitals, health systems, CVOs, locum companies and private practices across the United States. She has extensive experience as an MSP, including credentialing specialist, provider enrollment specialist, medical staff coordinator, Medical Staff Manager, and CVO Director.

Tammy was a CVO Manager where she was responsible for creating and implementing policies and procedures for a new corporate CVO. During her tenure,  the CVO achieved NCQA accreditation and delegated credentialing status with commercial payors. Additionally,  Tammy worked as a quality auditor for an NCQA certified managed care company and an Adjunct Instructor teaching medical office systems classes.

Tammy has a BS in Human Services Management and a master’s in healthcare administration with a minor in Education. She is a member of the North Carolina Association Medical Staff Services and the National Association Medical Staff Services.