HIPAA and Ransomware: Protect Against Attacks and Violation Penalties

Length: 60 minutes Expert: John Brewer

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Ransomware Attacks on the Rise for Physician Practices

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your practice is safe from a ransomware attack. Practices just like yours are being hit at an alarming rate. This is because hackers assume you’ll be less prepared to ward off an attack (and most of the time they’re right).

Ransomware infects your computers, encrypts your files, and then the hacker demands you pay a ransom to get your own files back. To make matters worse, HIPAA then considers these files compromised, which means you could be subject to significant penalties and fines. Unless you know what to do…

This is where HIPAA and data management expert, John Brewer, can help. During a 60-minute online training, John will tell you exactly what precautionary steps you can take to ward off a ransomware attack. You’ll receive step-by-step, plain-English tactics that you can easily implement to protect your practice from these dangerous predators.

Here are just a few of the proven protection tactics you’ll receive:

  • Quickly identify infected emails to avoid accidental HIPAA breach
  • Implement “least-necessary access” strategy to stop your data from being stolen
  • Reduce HIPAA penalties by following notification requirements
  • Stop your passwords from being the reason you get hacked
  • Uncover the top hacker tricks used to hijack your system, and stop it from happening
  • Avoid paying ransom demands with a back-up plan that won’t let you down
  • And so much more…

One innocent click on an email that’s infected with ransomware, and your ability to see patients can grind to a halt. And if this happens, how much would you pay to get access to your patient records again? Hackers know how important this data is to you, and that you need it to run your practice. The best way to avoid a situation like this is to be prepared.

You don’t have to be a victim to ransomware extortionists. This step-by-step online training will provide you with the tools you need to significantly reduce your chances of being hit with an attack. And if you are attacked, this online session can help significantly reduce the penalties you could be hit with for a HIPAA violation.

In most cases, you probably wouldn’t even realize you’ve been attacked by ransomware until it’s too late. Don’t wait, order this must-have online training today.

Meet Your Expert

John BrewerPresident, Med Tech USA

Early in the 2000’s John got heavily involved with HIPAA compliance as he desired to ensure his medical IT clients were compliant with the law. As he researched he realized most people had no idea how HIPAA compliance was to coincide with their computers.

Over the years he has become an expert on HIPAA compliance, and as a byproduct, Meaningful Use compliance as it deals with the Security Risk Assessment which is a requirement started by Stage 1, that essentially will never end.

His company, Med Tech USA LLC, provides private practice physicians with solutions to simplify the HIPAA compliance process.


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