Reduce Medicaid Audit Triggers and Overpayment Demands

Length: 90 Minutes Expert: Knicole C. Emanuel, JD CEU: 1.5
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Your chances of being flagged for a CMS Medicaid audit is greater than ever. Why? Because the pandemic-driven audit hold that was in place last year has expired, and the Medicaid Integrity Program (MIP) and Medicaid Fraud Control Unit are moving into high gear.

Due to the audit holds last year, Medicaid recoupments are seriously down, and they’re trying to make up for lost time. Even if you believe your Medicaid billing is up to snuff, all it takes is one mistake to open the door for auditors to start poking around.

The good news is, there are ways for you to protect your practice even if you are targeted for a Medicaid audit, but you have to know how.

This is where healthcare litigation attorney and Medicaid audit expert, Knicole Emanuel, JD, can help. During her 90-minute online training, Knicole will explain in clear, simple, non-legalize terms, exactly how you can combat the costly consequences of a Medicaid audit. You’ll benefit from Knicole’s 21 years of experience as an attorney specializing in Medicaid regulatory compliance litigation. During this training you’ll not only learn how to correctly respond to Medicaid audit and recoupment demands, but also how to reduce your risk of getting targeted in the first place.

Here is just a sampling of the Medicaid audit risk reduction and notice response tactics that you’ll receive in this expert-led online training:

  • Formulate a Medicaid audit response that can reduce its impact on your practice
  • Launch a strategic audit attack plan to combat auditor recoupment demands
  • Avoid missed Medicaid audit documentation request deadlines
  • Prevent Medicaid triggers to avoid getting targeted for an audit in the first place
  • Appeal audit findings and get recoupment demands significantly reduced
  • Stop past Medicaid billing mistakes from coming back to haunt you
  • Recognize red flags and rules violations and use them to your advantage
  • Uncover when you can and can’t deny a request from a Medicaid auditor
  • Use an auditor’s track record to get recoupment demands overturned
  • Tailor responses to improve Post-payment, Prepayment and TPE/Educational audit outcomes
  • Pin down when you call an attorney to protect your legal rights as a Medicaid provider
  • Improve audit results with proven organization and maintenance processes
  • Get recoupment demand amounts reduced with proven audit response strategies
  • And much more!

IMPORTANT: By attending this training, you’ll benefit from Knicole’s extensive experience in combating Medicaid audit-driven overpayment claims and recoupment demands. In 2016, Knicole was able to appeal a client’s Medicaid Overpayment Claim demand from over $12 million down to only $896.94. Although you may never face a $12 million recoupment demand, if she can do this for her client, imagine how she can help you.

Medicaid audits are on the rise. You simply have no room for error when responding to Medicaid audit document requests and other related communications. Failure to respond correctly can have significant consequences ranging from costly penalties to having your reimbursement frozen for the duration of the audit.

If you accept Medicaid, this upcoming training is a must-attend. Period. Sign up for this upcoming online training today to make sure that you’re well-equipped to handle Medicaid audit investigations, document requests, appeals, and even auditors who are incentivized to dig up billing problems from years past.

The best way to survive a Medicaid audit is to do everything you can to prevent it in the first place—but that’s rarely completely possible. The next line of defense is how you respond to audit notices. Don’t wait, sign up for this must-see, expert-led online training today.

Meet Your Expert

Knicole C. Emanuel
JDPartner, Practus LLP

For more than 21 years, she has maintained a health care litigation practice, concentrating on Medicare and Medicaid litigation, health care regulatory compliance, administrative law and regulatory law.

Knicole understands the intricate Medicare and Medicaid payment system, the unique business of healthcare providers, the overlay of federal and state Medicare and Medicaid rules and regulations, and actions of state agencies that affect the way health care entities operate.

Knicole has tried over 2,000 administrative cases in over 30 states and has appeared before multiple states’ medical boards.  She has successfully obtained federal injunctions in numerous states, which allowed her health care provider clients to remain in business and receive reimbursements despite the state or federal laws allegations of health care fraud, abhorrent billings, and data mining.

Across the country, Knicole frequently lectures on healthcare law, the impact of the Affordable Care Act and regulatory compliance for providers. She is a weekly panelist on RACMonitor, as a national expert on Medicare and Medicaid audits.

Prior to joining Practus, Knicole was a Partner with Potomac Law Group, Co-Managing Partner with Gordon & Rees, and served as North Carolina Assistant Attorney General in the Health and Public Assistance Section where she prosecuted providers of Medicaid fraud and gained a thorough understanding of the Medicaid system that informs her practice today. Knicole graduated with her JD magna cum laude from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.


The webinar was very well conducted and professional.
Mary Hartnett
Accounting Manager, Union Community Health Center
I thought the webinar was very informative. It was interesting to learn about Auditors and what they are looking for.
Sheila Johnson
Billing Coordinator, Heartland Alliance