Head Off Recoupments from Medicare Auditors

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Frank Cohen

Medicare auditors are back with a vengeance, which means your chances of getting audited by Medicare just shot through the roof.

An auditor’s sole mission is to identify and recoup improper Medicare payments paid to fee-for-service practices just like yours. Auditors are financially motivated to uncover every possible error on your Medicare claims – they actually get paid based on the viable violations they identify.

In the last two years, Medicare auditors have recouped over $2 Billion from fee-for-service claims. So, you can bet they’re driven to find your errors. And, with the new technologies being employed, they have a significant advantage over you, unless you take action now…

With a little help you can level the playing field. That’s where compliance expert, Frank Cohen, comes in. During his online training session, Frank will walk you through how to protect your practice from a Medicare audit, and how to ensure you can survive one should you get targeted.

Here are just a few of the step-by-step, practical tactics you’ll receive by viewing this 60-minute online training:

  • Identify what can trigger an audit and how to mitigate your risk of recoupment
  • Build a risk-based audit plan that will stand up to auditors
  • Head off an audit by pinning down your greatest risk events by provider, by code and by modifier
  • Avoid wasting time beefing up services that auditors are not focused on
  • Stop audit penalties: Respond correctly to Automated, Semi-Automated, Complex audit notices
  • Know where to draw the line on documentation requests, you may not have to give everything
  • Speed up the audit process by responding to requests promptly, accurately and fully
  • Stay away from sweet spots that will get your practice targeted for an audit
  • And so much more…

IMPORTANT: This issue doesn’t ONLY affect Medicare providers. Private payers have seen the success that Medicare auditors have had in recouping revenue from practices, and they are jumping on board. So, anyone that bills Medicare OR any private payer will benefit from this online training.

Unfortunately, you can’t completely control whether you’re chosen for a Medicare audit or not. But, with a little help, you can better protect the specific areas of your practice that they target. By completing this expert-led online training you’ll receive a complete Medicare Audit Toolkit, including documentation, worksheets, templates, sample reports and all pertinent collateral materials necessary to protect you from an audit.

CMS and private payers have raised the bar on what they expect from your practice. This online session walks you through how to reach that bar in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible.

Meet Your Expert

Frank CohenSenior Analyst, The Frank Cohen Group, LLC

As a consultant and researcher, his areas of expertise include data mining, predictive analytics, applied statistics, process improvement and evidence-based decision support.

Mr. Cohen is the author of several books, including his newest, “Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice; Improving Profits by Improving Processes” and “RVUs: Applications for Medical Practice Success”. Mr. Cohen has participated in and published numerous articles and studies and trained thousands of physicians, administrators, CPAs and other healthcare professionals in all areas of healthcare analytics.

His experience includes eight years as a Physician Assistant in both the Navy and as a civilian, clinic administrator and hospital CEO. His clients include hospitals, large and small medical practices, medical and professional associations, legal and accounting professionals, government agencies and other health care professionals.


Very detailed and infromative. I thought the information provided was well researched and backed by actual facts.
Vicki Dornieden
City of Boynton Beach Fire Rescue, Supervisor of Billing & Finance
Excellent information!
Perry Hall
Amarillo Medical Specialists LLP, COO