Social Media HIPAA Policy: Head Off Violations

Length: 60 minutes Expert: John Brewer

Social media posts are at an all-time high – this includes your staff. And if you don’t have an easy-to-use social media policy in place, it isn’t a matter of IF you’ll get hit with a HIPAA violation it is a matter of WHEN.

That’s where HIPAA expert, John Brewer, comes in.  John will walk you through how to develop a social media policy that will head off HIPAA mistakes before they get you in trouble. By completing this practical, plain-English training, you’ll receive proven tactics that will protect you from both personal and professional posts, and the financial ramifications associated with them.

Instead of teaching you what should or shouldn’t be posted to social media sites, this 60-minute training session will provide you with the tools you need to create a HIPAA-compliant social media policy, and how to ensure it is being followed. You’ll be able to implement a policy tailored to your practice, that your staff will actually be able to adhere to, and that will keep you out of HIPAA hot water.

You should know that it doesn’t matter the size of your practice, without a specific HIPAA social media policy and a specific process for policing it, you are leaving yourself wide open to hefty HIPAA penalties and fines.

BONUS:  Attendees receive a free Employee HIPAA Social Media Policy Sample that you can use as a foundation for your own practice policy.

Key Take-Aways:

•  Identify social media posts that can get you in trouble before being hit with a violation
• Develop a social media policy that is specifically designed to work for your practice
• Master the difference between “personal and professional” social media policies and when you really need to be concerned
•  Police your social media policy faster and easier than you thought possible
• And so much more…

Social media use is increasing, not decreasing.  This means that someone on your staff is most likely posting to a social media site right now.  Make sure you are protected with a HIPAA-compliant social media plan that really works to protect your practice. Don’t delay, order today.

Meet Your Expert

John BrewerPresident, Med Tech USA

Early in the 2000’s John got heavily involved with HIPAA compliance as he desired to ensure his medical IT clients were compliant with the law. As he researched he realized most people had no idea how HIPAA compliance was to coincide with their computers.

Over the years he has become an expert on HIPAA compliance, and as a byproduct, Meaningful Use compliance as it deals with the Security Risk Assessment which is a requirement started by Stage 1, that essentially will never end.

His company, Med Tech USA LLC, provides private practice physicians with solutions to simplify the HIPAA compliance process.