Avoid Hiring Mistakes & Costly Legal Nightmares

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Ariel D. Fenster, Esq.

One wrong step when hiring and onboarding a new employee can land you in serious legal and financial hot water. Ever changing federal and state employment regulations mean that what was correct yesterday, now can get you into trouble.  And now that many states are stepping up hiring enforcement efforts, it’s more likely than ever that even an innocent mistake can have dire consequences for your practice.

It just takes one potential employment candidate to complain about a question you asked during an interview, or for a new employee to report your practice for failing to comply with notification requirements.  If this happens you could be left with government enforcements cracking down on your practice – something you certainly don’t want.

Fortunately, Ariel D. Fenster, Esq., can help you master the latest regulatory changes to hiring and onboarding a new employee. During her 60-minute online training, Ariel will provide you with practical tactics to help you sail through the hiring process and avoid common mistakes that can lead do hefty fines and stressful litigation.

Here are just a few of the proven hiring strategies you’ll be able to implement to protect your practice by attending this online training:

  • Write legal job postings based on state-specific requirements
  • Navigate complex language and requirements in state-specific new hire notifications
  • Decrease your risk of litigation and EEOC charges by recognizing employer pitfalls during interviews
  • Collect the right pieces of information for the right forms the first time
  • Properly notify employees of steps in the onboarding process, including drug screening and personality tests
  • Establish a process for implementing new requirements as they’re released
  • Develop compliant, detailed notification documents to make onboarding easier
  • Identify potential legal errors in existing processes and resolve them before they become a problem
  • Create a master list of essential documents to keep for easy access and updates
  • Retain all necessary records on employees as required by law
  • And so much more!

Regardless of your practice’s size or location, the proven hiring tactics you’ll gain by attending this upcoming training will help you avoid the most common hiring mistakes and protect your practice from costly and stressful legal nightmares. Even one innocent mistake when hiring a new employee can cost your practice thousands in penalties and legal costs.

You must comply with both federal and state regulations when hiring a new employee or be ready to go to court. By attending this online training, you’ll get the expert, step-by-step hiring strategies you need significantly reduce your practice’s legal risk. Register today to secure your spot to this limited-access 60-minute online training.

Meet Your Expert

Ariel D. Fenster
Esq.Labor and Employment Attorney

Ariel is a Senior Associate in Seyfarth Shaw’s Atlanta office, concentrating her practice on representing and counseling employers throughout the country in the entire range of employment law matters. Ariel provides extensive advice and strategic guidance to clients on a wide array of Human Resources topics and issues, including policy development and review, auditing the Human Resources functions, leave and absence management, EEO compliance, reductions in force, employee relations, labor relations, performance management, discipline and discharge and various other areas, with an emphasis on instituting best practices and avoiding audits and litigation.

Ariel relieves her clients’ day-to-day pain points related to performance management, discipline, terminations, and reductions in force, with an emphasis on compliance, business needs, and prevention of litigation. When clients have serious employee complaints, she assists with investigations—either advising in-house counsel and HR or conducting the investigation herself. She regularly trains managers, leaders, executives, HR departments, and legal teams on the full suite of labor and employment topics.

Ariel possesses a specialized focus in working with clients in the healthcare industry and understands their day to day employee challenges. Ariel is certified by Seyfarth Shaw’s Healthcare Institute and frequently leverages her deep understanding of the industry to help large healthcare systems, as well as smaller locally owned homecare companies.


The webinar was great! I liked the Q&A at the end.
Eliana Lacledere
Principal CEO, DE Melo LLC