Teledentistry: Get Paid for Virtual Patient Care

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Bruce Silverman

With the spread of COVID-19, and the extension of the recommended social distancing time period, you are faced with some tough decisions. One of which is to figure out how your practice can get paid for providing teledental care.

The rules and regulations you must overcome to bill and get reimbursed for virtual dental services have been relaxed.  Accordingly, this makes providing virtual care services to your dental patients easier than ever before. However, there are still very specific requirements you must adhere to for your teledental claims to be paid.

There is help available. During his 60-minute online training session, nationally recognized dental industry business consultant, Bruce Silverman, will walk you through exactly how to bill and get paid for virtual services provided to your dental patients.

Here are just a few of the teledentistry reimbursement questions you will get answered during this expert-led online training:

  • What specific services are now reimbursable under teledentistry?
  • Are there any specific patient direct billing rules I must comply with?
  • How should I bill a virtual dental emergency vs. more standard care?
  • Can I charge my normal fees when providing virtual dental care?
  • Are new patient visits allowed when billing for teledentistry services?
  • Can I be reimbursed for time spent consulting online with a colleague about a patient?
  • Do I have to communicate with patients via video for it to be considering teledentistry?
  • Are problem-focused evaluations covered when provided virtually?
  • Do teledental codes apply if patients send pictures to review, with phone follow up?
  • Can time spent managing prescriptions be included in virtual claims?
  • Are there documentation requirements I must adhere to when providing virtual care?
  • Can I bill for the time to virtually triage patients before caring for them?
  • Am I allowed to provide teledental care for out-of-state patients?
  • Can virtual follow up with patients by a hygienist or assistant be billed?
  • Does my dental specialty dictate what virtual care services I can provide?
  • And so much more…

Who should attend: All dental practices, regardless of specialty, size or location, that are interested in learning what it takes to get paid for teledentistry services, or that want to confirm that they are correctly and optimally being reimbursed for these services, will benefit from this online training.

Even though teledental service rules and regulations have been relaxed, it is imperative that you comply with them. Otherwise, the reimbursement you receive now for these services might need to be returned in the future.

You CAN compliantly and optimally get paid for providing teledental care to your patients. Register for this upcoming online training to assure you earn more of the reimbursement you are due for the virtual care your patients need.  Don’t wait, sign up today

Meet Your Expert

Bruce SilvermanPresident & CEO of BD Silverman Consulting

Bruce Silverman is President & CEO of BD Silverman Consulting.  As the former Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Delta Dental of New Jersey (DDNJ), I am an experienced dental insurance executive with a 36+ year track-record of achieving exceptional results.  I am well-known for being an innovative thought-leader and strategist who embraces new and emerging technologies and has successfully led and implemented several complex organizational strategic initiatives.  In addition, I also held various leadership and subject matter expert roles for the national Delta Dental Plans Association.


The webinar was great and detailed!
Keisha McQueen
Revenue Cycle Director, Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics
Very informative.
Andrea Vasquez
Dentist, Dental Options PA