Easy Teledentistry Set Up: Get It Right the First Time

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Nate Suter, DDS

You may have NEVER wanted to add teledentistry to your practice, but now you may not have a choice – if you want to keep your practice up and running.

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has changed everything.

Dental practices are being asked not to perform nonessential procedures and payers are quickly setting up policies and guidelines to make it easier to set up and manage teledental services.

Even with the relaxation of both teledental and HIPAA regulations, setting up teledental services in your practice can seem like a daunting task. There are still very specific rules you must follow to comply. And although repercussions for noncompliance will not be enforced for some time, it’s better to do it right at the start and keep your risk to a minimum.

You CAN easily and compliantly set up teledental services in your practice with a little help. This is where dentist and teledental consultant, Nate Suter, DDS, can help. During this 60-minute online training session, Dr. Suter takes you through the process of setting up virtual dental services in your practice STEP-BY-STEP.

Here are just a few of the teledentistry implementation questions you’ll get answered by attending this 60-minute online training:

  • What services are really allowed to be provided virtually?
  • Are there specific hygienist supervision rules for teledental care?
  • How can I ensure that an online teledental vendor is HIPAA compliant?
  • Do the same virtual care rules apply for emergency and nonemergency care?
  • Has dental scope-of-care changed with recent rule modifications?
  • What should be included in my informed consent document for teledental care?
  • If state and federal teledental laws conflict, which one must I follow?
  • Are there specific originating site requirements I must comply with?
  • If the patient takes a picture and sends it to me for review, is that virtual care?
  • Are email and text compliant for communicating with patients?
  • What is the best way to handle urgent dental issues virtually?
  • How are coordination of treatment and referrals handled?
  • What online communication platforms are compliant with new HIPAA rules?
  • Are there specific care documentation requirements I must comply with?
  • What type of equipment will I need to provide teledental care?
  • What are the funding options to help with teledentistry equipment costs?
  • How can we better triage patients to avoid wasted time?
  • And so much more…

Who should attend: All dental practices, regardless of specialty, size or location, that are interested in compliantly providing teledentistry services to their patients will find this upcoming online training beneficial.

You have a lot riding on implementing teledental care into your practice correctly – the first time. The addition of virtual dental services during this downtime could allow you to continue to provide much-needed care to your patients.  And, it will provide you with the means to keep revenue coming into your practice until things get back to normal.

Don’t wait another minute. Register for this dental virtual services implementation training session today.

Meet Your Expert

Nate Suter
DDSA Leader in teledentistry and the Practice Owner of Green Leaf Dental Care

Dr. Nathan Suter of Crestwood is a leader in teledentistry and the practice owner of Green Leaf Dental Care in House Springs, Missouri and is a consultant that helps other dentists learn about teledentistry. In partnership with the Missouri Dental Association (MDA), Dr. Suter worked to pass legislation on teledentistry in 2016 and in 2017 started the first teledentistry pilot in Missouri.

He has replicated this work with clients that want to utilize teledentistry in private practice, government, non-profit, and group practices. In addition, he has developed a teledentistry training workshop and has spoken nationally on the topic of teledentistry Dr. Suter is the Board Chair of the Missouri Coalition for Oral Health, is the recipient of the MDA 2019 Dentist of the Year and the ADA Foundation’s Dr. David Whiston Leadership Award. Most recently Dr. Suter was announced as a recipient of the ADA’s 2020 10 Under 10 Award.