Improve Reimbursement for Your Telehealth Services


Telehealth codes and payment guidelines include a variety of non-face-to-face services that you might not expect to be eligible for reimbursement – many of which you probably provide now and are just not being paid for.

The good news is that in addition to Medicare reimbursing for telemedicine services, 38 states now have laws requiring private payers to also pay for them. The problem is that correctly coding and billing for telehealth is complicated, but get it right and the financial reward can be significant – but you have to know how….

That’s where national coding expert, Brenda Edwards, CPC, CDEO, CPB, CPMA, CPC-I, CEMC, CRC, comes in. During a 60-minute training session, Brenda will walk you through how to correctly code and bill for telehealth (non-face-to-face) services so you can get paid more of what you deserve.

Here are just a few of the practical, step-by-step tactics you’ll receive by utilizing this 60-minute training:

  • Comply with “originating site” Medicare requirements to avoid an audit and repayments
  • Master modifiers GT and GQ vs. consultation codes
  • Determine which of your services qualify to be paid as telehealth
  • Pin down what CPT codes can be used for telemedicine and how to submit them
  • Uncover how geographic region and scope of service play into billing telehealth
  • Identify the required technology that make billing for these services possible (you may already have it)
  • Take advantage of Medicare Advantage telehealth payments
  • And so much more…

IMPORTANT: Reimbursement for non-face-to-face care crosses multiple specialties and services such as: Mental Health, Transitional Care Management, Prolonged Services, Emergency Medicine, Long-Term Care Facilities, Diabetes, End-Stage Renal Disease, Smoking Cessation, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Annual Wellness Visit, etc.

You deserve to capture all allowable reimbursement for the expertise and assistance offered by your practice regardless of whether it is in person or online. You can stop providing telehealth (non-face-to-face) services to your patients for free.

By ordering this online telehealth reimbursement training, you’ll learn how to more accurately code these tricky claims, comply with regulations, and get paid for more of the services you provide. Don’t wait, order today.

Meet Your Expert

Brenda Edwards

Brenda has been involved in the healthcare arena for over 25 years with experience in chart audit, coding and billing, education, consulting, practice management and compliance.  She has worked closely with practices, providers and residency programs to ensure documentation is compliant and accurate.

Brenda has written many articles for national publications including Healthcare Business Monthly, American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and BC Advantage.  Her humorous and engaging presentation style has made her a conference favorite at both national and regional conferences for AAPC as well as local chapter meetings across the country.  Brenda is also an AAPC workshop and webinar presenter.

Brenda became a Certified Professional Coding Instructor (CPC-I) in 2001 and has assisted countless students obtain their coding credentials through the AAPC Professional Medical Coding Curriculum.  She is also an AAPC ICD10-CM/PCS Training Expert.

She served on the AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors from 2010-2014 and held office as Chair.  She has been intimately involved in the development and continuation of the Hardship Scholarship Program for AAPC.  Mentoring fellow members of AAPC is a passion for her.  She is co-founder of the northeast Kansas (NEKAAPC) AAPC chapter and has served many offices.