Coding/Billing Strategies to Improve Telemental Health Services Reimbursement

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Marlene Maheu, Ph.D.

Do it right, and reimbursement for telemedicine mental health services can significantly boost your bank account. The problem is, correctly billing and getting paid for these services is complex – unless you know how.

Your practice probably falls into one of two groups:

(1) You offer tele-behavioral health services to your patients, but aren’t getting paid accurately, or
(2) You don’t yet offer these services and are missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Either way, your worries are over, and clinical psychologist and telebehavioral health expert Marlene Maheu, PhD, is the answer. During a 60-minute online training session, Dr. Maheu will walk you through how to accurately code, bill and get paid for telemedicine mental health services.

Whether you are a large or small mental health group, serve as a CEO, billing and coding professional, or deliver direct care as an independent practitioner, this online training will explain EXACTLY how you can accurately get paid for telemedicine services.

Here are just a few of the practical, step-by-step tactics you’ll receive by taking advantage of this 60-minute online training:

  • Radically simplify your telehealth claims by including DSM-5 & ICD-10 coding changes for 2019
  • Avoid “place of service” code denials that lead to significantly delayed payments
  • Accurately apply the “GT” or “GQ” modifiers to avoid audits and being accused of fraud
  • Confidently file your tele-mental health claims and boost your overall cashflow
  • Avoid overbilling by accurately calculating telephone, online and in-person fees
  • Speed up reimbursement for psychological and neuropsychological testing via telemedicine
  • Determine when credentialing is required for reimbursement and how it’s best accomplished
  • Leverage the new technology patients demand and reduce your claim denials
  • Overcome the complexities of state rules and regulations to avoid legal headaches
  • Master “G” codes vs. “9” codes — and how using the wrong one means you won’t get paid
  • And so much more…

If you want to be more accurately paid for providing tele-mental health services to your patients this online training is designed for you. It will be beneficial to CEOs, COOs, Administrators, Billing and Coding Staff, as well as clinical mental health providers as well.

A bold promise for you – if this online training session doesn’t help you increase cash flow for telehealth services by at least 5 times the registration fee, let us know and we’ll refund every penny. That’s how sure we are of the immediate bottom-line impact of Dr. Maheu’s plain-English coding and billing instructions.

Dr. Maheu is a practicing Clinical Psychologist and the Executive Director of the Telebehaviorial Health Institute. This means she will bring you the grassroots, practical information you need to ensure you get paid both optimally and ethically for the tele-mental health services you provide.

Meet Your Expert

Marlene Maheu
Ph.D.Executive Director at Telebehavioral Health Inc.

Dr. Maheu has been an industry leader in telebehavioral health since 1994. With four textbooks, dozens of book chapters and journal articles to her name, as well as having educated more than 25,000 clinicians, she is in a unique position to guide you or your organization in finding a maximally profitable niche in this rapidly expanding market.

She has given more than 400 professional presentations is a master at getting to the point and answering your questions with clear, actionable, evidence-based suggestions both quickly and accurately.


Great detail on each subject.
Suffolk Psychotherapy, inc., CEO
There were a lot resources given which is very helpful.
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