Third-Party-Payer Appeals: Get Paid More of What You’re Due

Length: 60 minutes Expert: John T. Synowicki, JD

They are hoping that the complexity of the appeals process and the time it takes to navigate will deter you. Third-Party-Payer Appeals.

Sure, appeals are a pain and do take a lot of time, but they ARE worth it if you know how to get results. With the right tools, fighting for the reimbursement that you’re rightfully due doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle. You can get your third-party payers to reimburse more of your claims at a higher rate.

The trick is knowing how.

This is where healthcare attorney, John T Synowicki, JD, can help. As a specialist in payer dispute issues, John knows how to get third-party payers to cough up the cash, and he’s going to tell you how.

During John’s online training session, he’ll walk you through how to get more of your denials overturned, how to get third-party payers to stop underpaying you for the services you provide, and how to respond to refund requests when a payer claims you’ve been overpaid.

Here are just a few of the practical, step-by-step third-party-payer appeals strategies you’ll receive by attending this 60-minute online training:

  • Proven strategies for recouping revenue on underpaid claims
  • Pin down in-network and out-of-network nuances to get more of your claims paid
  • Determine when to use arbitration and litigation to get more of the money you are due
  • Implement internal plans to head off overpayments and the problems they generate
  • Respond to payer recoupment request to keep more of your money
  • Use your payor contract language to justify higher reimbursements
  • Head off lack-of-authorization denials from leaving you high and dry
  • Avoid contract interpretation disputes from costing you revenue
  • Identify out-of-network assignment issues before they become a problem
  • And so much more…

Who should attend this third-party-payer appeals webinar?

This training will be valuable for everyone in your office that is involved in the claims process. From documenting and providing the service, to submitting claims and fighting denials.

You deserve to be paid correctly for the services you provide to third-party-payer participants. The challenge is that even the slightest misstep can lead to your claim being denied or your reimbursement reduced.

There is no way to avoid all denials, but you can get paid for more of your claims with the proven strategies you’ll receive from this online training.

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Third-Party-Payer Appeals.

Meet Your Expert

John T. Synowicki
JDShareholder, Health Care Litigation and Disputes practice

John Synowicki is a shareholder in the Health Care Litigation and Disputes practice in the Dallas office of Polsinelli. John’s well-seasoned approach is pragmatic and highly detailed, enabling clients to advance their business and legal interests in managed care disputes, managed care strategy and contracting.

He works with a wide range of health care entities, including profit and not-for-profit hospital systems, ambulatory surgery centers, air ambulance services, specialty providers, physician groups and ancillary service providers, as well as medical device companies.

John’s representative work includes addressing reimbursement and dispute issues with private commercial payers, addressing managed care disputes, and managed care strategies and contacting. John’s practice addresses in-network and out-of-network strategies and disputes.


Very knowledgable and informative. Clearly spoken information that kept us engaged.
Kayla Doom
Billing Specialist, Davenport Surgical Group
Very educational.
Elvira Maler
Director, Metropolitan Mental Health PC
Great and informative!
gladys santiago
director, Multicultural Clinical Center