Proven Coding and Documentation Tactics for Your Ultrasound and Duplex Claims


Ultrasound and duplex exams are notorious for being both underpaid and overpaid. You might think that being paid more than you’re due sounds great. Unfortunately, this can be worse than not being paid enough. Medicare is currently on the hunt for overpayments they’ve made. And when it finds them, it’s hitting practices hard with massive penalties.

This high risk for recoupment of overpayments is often because duplex study and ultrasound documentation is lacking. Ultrasound claims also have a tendency to be downcoded, leaving money that is rightfully yours on the table uncollected. But, you can claim more of the reimbursement you’re due for these complex exams without the worry of audits and hefty fines – if you know how….

That’s where expert radiology coder and consultant, Stacie L Buck, RHIA, CCS-P, RCC, CIRCC, AAPC Fellow, can help. Stacie is presented a 90-minute online training session that will walk you through how to code your ultrasound and duplex exams more accurately, avoid overpayments and earn more of the reimbursement you deserve.

By viewing this practical, expert-led training, you’ll be able to overcome the most common documentation and coding challenges for ultrasound and duplex exams. You’ll leave this training knowing exactly what needs to be documented for these claims to ensure more accurate coding and reimbursement.

Here is just some of the step-by-step coding advice you’ll receive by taking part in this 90-minute training:

  • Decipher hidden documentation terms to improve coding accuracy, and get you paid more
  • Get your provider to use duplex scan “buzz words” to avoid providing these services for free
  • Identify when duplex and ultrasound services can be billed together (i.e., test orders vs. report)
  • Correct use of obstetrical ultrasound codes (76801-76817)
  • Master key duplex and ultrasound terminology to help you assign the perfect code
  • Conquer diagnostic test ordering rules as they pertain to duplex studies and ultrasound
  • Pin down the difference between a non-invasive vascular study from a duplex study
  • Uncover when you code for a limited vs. a complete duplex study
  • Cut through the confusion of coding transvaginal ultrasound when there are multiple gestations (76817)
  • Prevent overpayments with proven documentation strategies your providers will actually use
  • Expose high risk documentation areas and boost your claim compliance (93970-93971, 93975-93976, 93925-93926)
  • Recognize when your internal medicine and primary care practice can safely bill for these services
  • Detect when OB ultrasound codes are right for pelvic ultrasound studies and when they can get you in trouble (76856-76587)
  • And so much more…

IMPORTANT: Regardless of your specialty or practice size, if you are performing ultrasound and duplex exams in your practice, this training session is specifically for you.

By viewing this nitty-gritty, 90-minute online training, you’ll be able to overcome the most vexing challenges that drive both the under- and overpayments of your ultrasound and duplex exam claims. You’ll receive proven coding and documentation advice from an industry coding expert, and learn how to incorporate it into your processes as soon as you’re back at your desk


Meet Your Expert

Stacie Buck

Stacie has 26-years-experience in the health care industry. During her career she served as an internal auditor and corporate compliance officer for one of the nation’s largest providers of diagnostic imaging services. Additionally, she served as Vice President and Consultant for a radiology consulting firm and radiology billing company.

Stacie has served in a consulting capacity for 14 years and she is a nationally sought out speaker who has presented well over 100 seminars. She has also authored articles on radiology coding and reimbursement topics for AAPC Healthcare Business Monthly, Journal of AHIMA and the Radiology Management: The Journal of AHRA. In addition, she has served on the editorial advisory board of several national radiology publications.

Stacie is a member of the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA), American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA), American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), and the Florida Health Information Management Association (FHIMA). Her contributions to her profession have been recognized by her peers through several awards: FHIMA Distinguished Member Award, FHIMA Outstanding Professional Award, FHIMA Distinguished Service Award, FHIMA Literary Award, AHIMA Triumph Rising Star Award and the AHIMA Triumph Mentor Award.


Information was presented in a concise manner without delays.
Wendy Myers
Vista Radiology, PC, Administration
Provided the training and followed it with examples of what we can look for in the documentation.
Marisa Clauson
The Doctors Clinic, Coding and Compliance Manager
Very complete information.
Denise Kieso
Central Texas Heart Center, Imaging Manager
It had some great information.
Leigh Anne Davis
Leeobgyn, Coder