Vaccines Ordering : Stop Losing Money

Expert: Kathryn E. Eiler, CMM Length: 60 minutes

You don’t have to lose money because you want to offer your patients the vaccines that they need, and modifying your vaccine ordering process is the place to start.

It doesn’t have to be a financial nightmare. You can estimate your vaccine usage more accurately and take less risk with the money you outlay to purchase them (stop throwing away your money when the vaccine isn’t used by its expiration). And, you can significantly reduce your financial investment.

There are several critical steps involved in developing and managing a successful Vaccine Ordering Program. And if you are not utilizing these proven methods, you are losing money on the vaccines you supply (but you may have already known that). The size of your practice doesn’t matter (smaller practices are at significant risk). If you don’t have a Vaccine Ordering Program in place, you are most certainly overpaying and losing a substantial amount of money on upfront costs and wasted products. But you can change all this in just one hour.

Kathryn Eiler, CMM, will share with you a program that allows you to order vaccines, streamline the costs and it will even help you to reduce your losses. We all know you are never going to get rich providing vaccines, but you shouldn’t be losing money.

Kathryn recorded a Vaccine Ordering Program presentation in only a 60-minute. By watching Kathryn’s vaccine ordering session, you’ll be able to:

• Choose the right purchasing method (DPA, PBG, GPO) and save big on your vaccine upfront costs
• Maximize savings by using vaccine pricing lag times to your advantage
• Avoid overpaying for new vaccines by implementing a Vaccine Addendum to your contracts
• Keep your money longer by setting up delayed payments with your vendor, without losing your prompt payment discounts
• Reduce your average number of days between receiving the vaccines and getting paid for them well below the national percentage for the average number of reimbursement days.
• Stop throwing your money away on wasted vaccines, more accurately estimate your vaccine usage with 5 easy-to-implement steps
• And so much more…

With a few modification to your current vaccine ordering process you spend less (keep more of your money), stop losing money (maybe even make a little), and save valuable time. Don’t let this much needed service break your bank, order today.

Meet Your Expert

Kathryn E. Eiler
CMMDirector, Tucker Advisory Group

Kathryn Eiler CMM is a medical practice administrator who comes to us with more than twenty-years of experience in medical practice management. Kathryn is a Certified Medical Manager who has worked in several areas of medicine including: Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics and Residency Clinics.

During her ten years in primary care Kathryn became very interested in helping the practice meet the necessary benchmarks for Quality Performance Measures including: Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Practice Quality Reporting Improvements (PQRI), and Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS.)

In the last 10 years she has been a member of the Faculty of the American College of Physicians, Closing The Gap programs for Vaccines, Diabities and Cardiovascular Disease Management and Education. Kathryn has been teaching practice administrators and physicians all over the county how to streamline care to meet those benchmarks and implement a team approach to patient care facilitating improved patient outcomes.

In 2011 as part of the ACP QI Faculty, Kathryn was part of the team who put together the American College of Physician Guide to Adult Immunization 4th Edition: A Team-Based Manual. In addition, her experience as a Pediatric Administrator at the height of the h1N1 crisis has helped her share her experience and expertise here with us in this presentation for your practice A Guide to Vaccine Ordering in you Medical Practice.