Avoid Violations for Mishandling Workplace Mental Health Issues

Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2024 1:00PM EST Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Don Phin, Esq.

Eventually, your office will have an employee who experiences workplace mental health issues (if you haven’t already). When you do, you must be prepared to respond correctly.

Regardless of your practice specialty or size, correctly managing workplace mental health issues isn’t easy. Not only are you dealing with emotions, but there are also numerous federal and state laws you must comply with. The bottom line is there are about a million ways to get it wrong, which can have severe consequences for your practice.

It would be an enormous mistake to respond to workplace mental health issues “off the cuff” or to sift through state and federal laws at the last minute to figure out what is and isn’t allowed. And calling your attorney can cost thousands. But you don’t have to face it alone.

Expert human resources attorney Don Phin, Esq., can help. On Wednesday, April 24th, at 1 pm ET, Don will explain relevant workplace mental health laws in plain English and walk you through how to comply. Don’s training will help protect your practice from inadvertently breaking these laws so that you can avoid the costly legal headaches of mismanaging difficult workplace mental health situations.

Here are just a few of the workplace mental health management tactics that Don will provide you during his 60-minute online training:

  • How to determine when workplace mental health qualifies as a disability
  • Uncover when workplace drug and alcohol use is protected and when it not
  • Pin down exactly how to handle violent employee behavior due to mental illness
  • Navigate required accommodations for staff with mental health disabilities
  • Calculate how much time off you must give under FLMA due to mental illness
  • Verify whether workers’ compensation applies to mental health diagnoses
  • Stop mentally unwell staff members from disrupting your entire practice
  • Pin down exactly how to handle violent employee behavior due to mental illness
  • Proven documentation tactics to protect against unlawful termination lawsuits
  • Identify when and how to move an employee away from a patient-facing role
  • And so much more…

IMPORTANT: Right now, depression, substance abuse, and suicide rates are at record highs in the U.S., and the crisis isn’t just “out there.” In fact, about 20% of your practice staff are likely dealing with a mental health issue right now, and you must be prepared with how to handle it.

Workplace mental health laws should impact every employee-related decision you make, regardless of whether your team is in your office or works remotely. Otherwise, your practice is at significant risk of violation penalties and costly legal nightmares.

By attending this 60-minute expert-led online training, you’ll gain the necessary tactics to protect your practice against state and federal mental health law violations, avoid massive compliance penalties, and improve your team’s productivity and cohesiveness. Don’t wait to sign up for Don’s must-attend online training today.

Check out Don’s video below for a quick recap of what he’ll cover during this can’t miss online training:

Meet Your Expert

Don Phin

Don Phin is a California employment law attorney. Since leaving his litigation practice more than twenty years ago, he has consulted with hundreds of companies to help improve their employment practices. He has presented in person over 600 times to CEOs, HR, and other executives on what works in leadership and employee relations.

Don built HRThatWorks, an online HR compliance and strategy program, used by 3,500 companies and sold to ThinkHR in 2014. In addition to consulting and speaking, Don does executive coaching and workplace investigations.