Boost Your Practice Communications with Proven Writing Tactics

Length: 90 minutes Expert: Jim Grigsby

Poor healthcare written communications can have devastating results. Even if you’re not communicating clinical information, poorly conveyed processes, procedures or information can result in noncompliance, fines or just plain embarrassing mistakes. But you can do something about it.

Healthcare management expert and consultant, Jim Grigsby, has put together a training session that can help. By investing just 70 minutes of your time, you’ll master the skills necessary to help you ensure your written communications are easily understood and actionable.

Excellent written communication skills are critical to being a successful healthcare manager – whether you manage a 100-physician practice or manage a front desk. You must be able to clearly and concisely communicate with your staff, colleagues, patients, vendors, and providers. Today these skills are more important than ever considering the increase in email and other electronic non-face-to-face communications. Having strong written communication skills is the only way to avoid disastrous misunderstandings, errors, and potential noncompliance that lead to hefty penalties and fines.

Here are just a few of the practical, step-by-step written communication skills you’ll gain by completing this practical, step-by-step training:

  • Writing clearer, more effective emails, memos and reports
  • Get your documents read and comprehended completely – from start to finish
  • Write directives and policies that people can understand and follow without confusion
  • Facilitate more productive meetings with uncluttered notifications and agenda
  • Avoid the most common written communication mistakes
  • And so much more…

Who should attend this training?

All healthcare managers (or aspiring managers) should attend this session regardless of their practice or facility type. This online training will significantly increase your ability to clearly articulate your messages via written communications, in turn this improves productivity, patient care and compliance, all of which are essential to your success.

The written correspondence you produce on behalf of your medical practice is a reflection upon you, your physician and your practice. Even if you believe your written communication skills are effective, the tools you’ll learn from this training session will take you to the next level.

By using the tools you’ll receive in this training session you’ll enhance your management and leadership skills, convey your vision more clearly, and help your team and organization be more efficient and profitable. Don’t wait, order this training today. 

Meet Your Expert

Jim GrigsbyPresident, Jim Grigsby Consulting

With over 25 years healthcare financial management experience, Jim is president of Jim Grigsby Consulting, a revenue cycle and management consulting company. His project experience ranges from small hospitals to academic teaching facilities; from single physician practices to large clinics, as well as MSOs, FQHCs, SNFs, LTCs, specialty hospitals and both hospital and physician CBOs.

Grigsby is a national speaker and has authored dozens of articles. He is also an award-winning editor for a professional association newsletter and nationally recognized speaker.