emotional support animal

Protect Your Practice from Emotional Support Animal Complications

Have you seen a horse fly? Well one man did for the first time ever when the FAA cleared miniature horses for travel. So get ready for them to make their next landings in your practice. Make sure your practice is prepared to compliantly handle both service and emotional support animals when they show up […]
Stark Law 2020 CMS Proposed New Rule

CMS New Rule: Stark Law Promotes Care Over Self-Referral

The 80’s are back, but it’s not fashion you should worry about. First enacted in 1989, the Stark Law is getting significant updates from CMS that benefit patient care, according to a proposed rule issued in October 2019. Comply with these new regulations that open the door to areas previously restricted as conflicts of interest. […]
Patient Dismissal Letter

3 Steps for Firing a Patient Without Incurring a Lawsuit

A patient can terminate the physician-patient relationship at any time and is always free to seek another provider. The physician, however, cannot fire a patient, without risking a patient abandonment complaint. When the time comes to terminate the relationship, take these actions to terminate patients in a smooth legally-free manner. Provide a Patient Dismissal Letter […]
Medicare Exclusions

Don’t Pay the Price for Medicare Exclusions

Making the mistake of employing an excluded physician, nurse, nonphysician provider or administrator will lead to you facing thousands in civil money penalties — not to mention the money you’ll lose for services you’ve provided that can never be billed. Thinking that this can’t affect your practice is a HUGE mistake. In fact, the Office […]