Incident-to Billing

Incident-to Means You Must Have Employment Relationship, or You Lose on Pay

Set up the wrong employment relationship with your nonphysician practitioners (NPPs), and you’ll forfeit the ability to bill their services incident-to your physicians and miss out on an additional 15% of their reimbursement. Or worse, you could bill incident-to incorrectly and get targeted for an audit and be required to pay back all the reimbursement […]
NPP Services Supervision

NPP Services Supervision

Is there a difference between the supervising and collaborating physicians? Yes, there is a huge difference. The supervising physician has got to be where you can pull them in and grab ahold of them. This would be whoever is in the clinic that day. The collaborating physician would be the physician who set up the […]
Incident to and 15% Payup

Proximity Unlocks Incident to and 15% Payup

We recently held a webinar on billing nonphysician practitioner (NPP) services incident to the physician. And you wouldn’t believe the number of questions that came out of that session. This is certainly not a new topic, but there continues to be a great deal of confusion surrounding it. And many of the questions had to […]