active shooter training emergency

How to Prepare for a Hospital Shooting

With increased shootings, you’ve got to prepare your hospital for an active shooting incident. Hospitals and various other healthcare organizations are increasingly developing response plans for handling these incidents and protecting both hospital staff and patients with active shooter training for healthcare employees. Does your healthcare facility have such a plan in place? Do you, […]
Medical record retention law

New Medical Record Retention Law: Keep Patient Records for 10 Years

We normally look to the Supreme Court to make landmark decisions (like the Affordable Care Act), but the court rules on many smaller cases that — while they may not make it to the nightly news — still affect our daily lives. One of those is the May 2019 decision on Cochise Consultancy Inc. v. […]
People negotiations

Watch Out for These 11 Devious Payer Contract Negotiation Tricks

How hard are your managed care contracts working for you? Could your payer contracts even be working against you? Payer reimbursements are the foundation of your practice revenue, but unfavorable contract terms can cost you thousands of dollars. Many providers find payer contract negotiation — or renegotiation — to be a complex and even uncomfortable […]
Patient Wait Time

Overcome Patient Wait Time Frustrations

Patient survey results were recently published by Software Advice that uncovered that your patients are using wait times found online as a determining factor when deciding to make an appointment with you.
New Year's Resolutions

How To Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

At the beginning of each year so many of us commit to changes and worthy goals to be accomplished in the next twelve months only to be disappointed come next December 31 when we discover...
TRICARE Transition

TRICARE Transition Clarification

All Tricare West providers must secure new contracts with HNFS as UnitedHealthcare will no longer retain this contract. PGBA will remain the claims processor and there will be no disruption...
Emergency Preparedness Plan

Implement a Compliant Emergency Preparedness Plan ….. Or Else

The Emergency Preparedness Rule final rule establishes standards to help you demonstrate that you stand ready for some of the frightening scenarios that can compromise the wellbeing of your patients. And the consequences of not complying can be as severe as...
Front Desk HIPAA

Halt Front Desk HIPAA Check-in Violations

Each time a patient checks-in with your front desk, your risk of a HIPAA violation goes through the roof. Especially considering that patient check-in occurs over and over again, every day you’re open to see patients. You might think that your front desk staff are to blame for this increased HIPAA risk. However, the real […]