User Testimonials

“I thought it was very informative and helpful! Change nothing. I liked the Q&A time at the end.”

Merril Paun, Sr. Accounting & Office Manager


“Best explanation of MACRA that I’ve seen.”

Amanda Tayor, EHR Specialist


“Customer service was fantastic. I got a call before the session to be sure I received the e-mail with the webinar sign on information. (That message went to spam so I was able to retrieve it and proceed.) Very helpful.”

Alaine Schumann, Anesthesiology Administrator


“Very good presentation and filled with facts and applications. Wonderful presentation.”

Michael Rettig, Legal Nurse Consultant


“Speaker was absolutely wonderful.”

Jameson Brown,  CNA Front Office Manager

“I honestly can’t think of anything that could be done better. The webinar was very informative, insightful, helpful, and presented wonderfully. The tip Laureen gave about the dots did more wonders than she could imagine.  Thanks, Laura!”

Patricia Townes-Swayhoover, Medical Billing & Coding


“Excellent information and explanation. Liked the online demo of how to obtain the specific and importatnt reports, i.e. QRUR and MACRA final Final Rule.”

Marian Capper, CEO


“Very engaging, very informative, gave real-life examples.”

Wendy Sandlin, HR Manager


“Excellent. Well-organized; speaker very easy to understand and she was very knowledgeable.”

Susan Blue, Neurology