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If you want to make more money, be compliant, and run more smoothly, you’ve come to the right place.

Our mission at Healthcare Training Leader is to help you be more successful. Everyday we come in and think about how we can help you dig your way through the complexities of regulation, management and reimbursement. We ask ourselves, how we can better serve you. And when making decisions, we always ask ourselves, how will this decision affect you.

In a nutshell, our job is to make your life easier. Our goal is to help you bring in more money (ethically, of course), comply and ultimately be more successful. We want to help you achieve all of this faster, easier and with less stress – and at the lowest possible cost to you – without ever having to leave your desk.

I know this sounds hokey, but I also know that if we help you be more successful, then in turn our company will grow and be more successful. And this is exactly what has happened.  Since our launch into online training in 2014, we have seen incredible growth, which allows us to continue to expand the services we make available to you.

By attending our online training sessions, you gain access to leading coding, compliance and practice management experts from across the country. Our online training sessions are different from many of the others available. Our training breaks down complex topics into easy-to-implement steps to save you time, money and headaches.  You won’t find sessions on preliminary regulations or trends. We only cover topics that you can use today.  After attending one of our trainings, you should be able to go back to your desk and implement the strategies you’ve learned.

This training strategy originated from my mentor and niche information guru, Leslie Norins, MD, PhD. I originally got into the medical information industry 20+ years ago. At that time, I was lucky enough (with Dr. Norins) to help launch the largest medical coding specialty newsletter publishing company in the US, and was its President for a number of years. I’ve always had an interest in healthcare, and although clinical practice wasn’t for me (a decision I made after nursing school), I found my perfect fit in helping healthcare professionals, like you, with the business side of medicine.

I stayed on after the above company sold, and grew to over 700 employees on multiple continents. In 2010 I took a break from corporate life and spent the next two years getting my husband’s psychology practice up and running.  Then, in October 2012, I launched Coding Leader as a USA based company. We expanded in early 2018 with a new broader outlook and name, Training Leader, which includes Healthcare Training Leader.

Ultimately, we want to provide you with quality, useful content with extraordinary service. Our entire team is passionate about this. We stand behind our products. We work for you, and are honored to be able to help you succeed.


samantha saldukus

Samantha Saldukus

Samantha Saldukas
President, Healthcare Training Leader