Human Resources

  • COVID-19 employment policy
    Oct 28, 2020 - 1:00 ET
    Expert Presenter: Kelly Holden

    Get plain-English strategies to help you comply with the newly revised COVID-19 employment rules. The expert advice you’ll receive from this online training will help your practice avoid costly FFCRA violation fines.

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  • COVID-19 OSHA fines
    Expert Presenter: Bryan Meek Esq.

    OSHA is cracking down on employee complaints and citing huge fines for businesses that don’t implement strict COVID-19 prevention measures. Here’s how to protect your practice

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  • Healthcare Employee Overtime Payments
    Expert Presenter: Lori Kleiman SPHR, SHRM-SCP

    URGENT: New employment overtime rule REQUIRES you to modify how you pay some of your full-time salaried employees or fall victim to expensive lawsuit nightmares.

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  • Expert Presenter: Charles C. (Mike) Anderson MPA

    The quality of the services and care you provide are being ranked, scored and tied to your reimbursement – any deviation in quality can have serious consequences for your practice. The good news is that you can…

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  • Expert Presenter: Deron Bibb MBA

    Every time you lose a member of your front desk staff it costs you – BIG (as much as 3x salary, more for smaller practices). Get best practices when hiring for your reception positions plus keep them longer by […]

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  • Expert Presenter: Laurie Morgan MBA

    Making a bad hiring decision for any position in your practice can be a nightmare. But when you hire the wrong coder or biller the problem is compounded by lost reimbursement, non-compliance, angry customers, and overall lower profitability. Even if you’ve hired hundreds of staff before, knowing how to hire the perfect coder or biller […]

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