New I-9 Form: Comply with Huge Gov’t Changes (Oct. 31st Deadline)

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Ariel D. Fenster, Esq.

You are required to comply with recently implemented federal employment rules regarding the correct completion of the new I-9 form. The first-time consequences of failing to complete this new federal form correctly are penalties up to $5,404 per violation (if violations occur with multiple employees, you can be fined up to $27,108 each for subsequent offense).

The legal process for completing an I-9 Form and navigating the E-Verify system has changed more in the past few months than in the last 30 years. Make one mistake, and you could be setting yourself up for a slew of HR violations. Especially considering that federal audits of I-9s are skyrocketing, and the government recently rolled out a new I-9 audit process to ensure that your forms are compliant.

To muddy the waters even more, the government has rolled out a brand-new alternative procedure that states that you may not be required to physically examine I-9 documentation. Still, it ONLY applies if you meet four very specific criteria, which can be confusing to pin down.

Your only protection against serious financial penalties and even criminal prosecution is strict compliance with these new federal rules — every single one. The good news is that you CAN make implementing these new I-9 Form requirements easier and more accurate with a little help…

Employment law attorney Ariel Fenster, Esq., will provide step-by-step advice on EXACTLY how you can comply with these new federal employment requirements quickly and easily. This 60-minute online training will break down the complexities of these new rules into plain English and help you comply with the new I-9 Form rules and E-Verify requirements correctly the first time – all while avoiding auditor red flags.

Here are just a few of the practical I-9 Form compliance strategies you’ll receive during this 60-minute online training:

  • Quickly comply with the NEW Reverification and Rehire Supplement rules
  • Head off employee document errors, master new I-9 Form List C requirements
  • Evaluate the updated List of Acceptable Documents to see what’s new (and what’s gone)
  • Master complexities of the new alternative document examination procedure
  • Avoid hidden compliance traps in the new I-9 Form completion instructions
  • Uncover how to use the “additional information” field to bulletproof your I-9 Forms
  • Stop penalties for missing a required “n/a” on the I-9 Form — this really happens
  • Determine which E-Verify fields can be left blank and which ones are ALWAYS required
  • Stop rule violations based on the electronic devices you use to submit E-Verify data
  • And much more!

IMPORTANT: Regardless of the number of staff your practice employs, you are REQUIRED to keep up with these new federal regulations. The government expects you to complete an I-9 Form and E-Verify submissions using these new federal rules by after October 31st. From that point forward, you must comply with every single submission or risk gov’t audits and financial penalties.

Time is of the essence if you want to master the new I-9 Form federal employment rules before the deadline. So, don’t wait. Make sure you are ready by registering for this upcoming attorney-led online training. By attending this 60-minute training, you’ll boost your accuracy and compliance, reduce your odds of an audit, and cut your risk of gov’t fines and penalties. Don’t wait. Register today for this must-attend online training.

Meet Your Expert

Ariel D. Fenster
Esq.Labor and Employment Attorney

Ariel is a Senior Associate in Seyfarth Shaw’s Atlanta office, concentrating her practice on representing and counseling employers throughout the country in the entire range of employment law matters. Ariel provides extensive advice and strategic guidance to clients on a wide array of Human Resources topics and issues, including policy development and review, auditing the Human Resources functions, leave and absence management, EEO compliance, reductions in force, employee relations, labor relations, performance management, discipline and discharge and various other areas, with an emphasis on instituting best practices and avoiding audits and litigation.

Ariel relieves her clients’ day-to-day pain points related to performance management, discipline, terminations, and reductions in force, with an emphasis on compliance, business needs, and prevention of litigation. When clients have serious employee complaints, she assists with investigations—either advising in-house counsel and HR or conducting the investigation herself. She regularly trains managers, leaders, executives, HR departments, and legal teams on the full suite of labor and employment topics.

Ariel possesses a specialized focus in working with clients in the healthcare industry and understands their day to day employee challenges. Ariel is certified by Seyfarth Shaw’s Healthcare Institute and frequently leverages her deep understanding of the industry to help large healthcare systems, as well as smaller locally owned homecare companies.