Training FAQs

Thanks for trusting Training Leader® with educating your team on the most complex compliance, coding and management issues you face.  Attending a Training Leader Online Training Session (Live or On-Demand) is a fast, efficient way to receive the practical, step-by-step solutions you need without the cost of travel or office downtime.

Here are answers to the most common questions we receive. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for below, but if not, please send us an email at or call us at 800-767-1181 and we’ll do our best to assist you.


What if I change my mind after I’ve placed my order?
We stand behind all of our products 100%. Yes one-hundred percent. We only want you to pay for something you find valuable. If at any time you are not satisfied, for any reason, you can have a full refund of all of the money you paid for your Training Leader product. No questions asked.

What if I have more questions? 
Simply give us a call at 800-767-1181. We look forward to assisting you.


What is the difference between each of my training options?
You have 3 options depending on your training needs:

  1. LIVE: You’ll attend the training when it’s actually happening (live), and will have the ability to get your specific questions answered by the expert presenter (read more below).
  2. ON-DEMAND: This format allows you to access a live recording of the training session. You get the exact same training, Q&A and handouts as the live session, but can listen to it at your convenience (read more below).
  3. CD: The exact same training and handouts are saved on a CD and mailed to you. It takes a little longer, but gives you a little more flexibility (read more below).


When will I receive my login information for the live online training session I purchased?
You should receive your live training login directions via email approximately 24 hours before the date of your session.  If you don’t see this email in your inbox, please check your Spam or Junk folder.

I already registered for the training, why do I have to fill out my information again?
Once you receive your login directions email, and click on the link provided, you’ll be required to fill out your contact information again.  We apologize for this inconvenience, but it’s necessary to get you set up with GotoWebinar (the system used to conduct the training).

How will I receive my presentation handouts for the training?
Your training handouts will be attached to the login information email you receive. You can download and/or print the handouts as many times as you wish.

How many people can I have connected the live training I purchased?
Each individual live training session you purchase is per location, and gives you the ability to have one connection access.  So, you can have as many people as you want listen into the training, over one connection from one location.

Do I have to purchase the training again to get another connection for each staff member working from home?
 To help overcome the challenges associated with staff working from home due to COVID-19, your registration now includes access to the online training for your entire team regardless of their location (previously, a $50 fee per additional location was required). 

What if we have multiple locations and want them all to have access to the live training
To have multiple connections from multiple locations you must purchase a site license for the training.  For the best possible multiple-location pricing call us at 800-767-1181 or  email us at


What is an On-Demand Training Session?
This is a recording of the live training session.  It contains all of the same information as the live version. You’ll also get access to the handouts for the presentation.

How will I gain access to my On-Demand Training Session?
How you gain access to your on-demand training depends on whether the live training has already taken place or not. Remember, your on-demand training is a recording of the live version, so it can’t be produced until after the live session has occurred.

  1. If you order your on-demand training AFTER the live session has already occurred, you’ll be able to access it immediately by clicking the link provided on your order acknowledgement page.
  2. If you order your on-demand training BEFORE the date of the live training, you’ll receive an email with access instructions 24 hours after the live training session has occurred.

How will I receive my presentation handouts for my training?
Your handouts will be available online at the same location you access your on-demand training.  You can download and/or print the handouts as many times as you wish.

How many people can utilize the on-demand training I purchased?
Each individual on-demand training session you purchase is for one location only. This means you can have as many people as you like access the training as long as they are from the same location.  For the best possible multiple-location pricing call us at 800-767-1181 or email us at


How long will it take me to receive my CD-ROM after I place my order?
Your CD-ROM training is shipped within 48 hours of your order from our Florida office. It is shipped out first class mail. Time to your receipt is dependent on the mail, but it usually doesn’t take longer than a week.

Can I listen my CD-ROM training in my car?
The CD-ROM you’ll receive is actually a DVD because it has the video training on it. Accordingly, you won’t be able to play the CD in your car stereo.


Are your training sessions approved for CEUs and/or CMEs?  

  1. CEUs: It depends on the content of the training.  Currently, we offer CEUs from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). If the session is approved, it will say so online.
  2. CMEs:  Currently we do not offer CMEs.

If the session is approved for CEUs, how many people from my location can receive them?
As long as everyone that attends/watches the session is in ONE location per registration, there is no limit to the number of people that can receive CEUs.

How do I receive my CEUs?
How you receive your CEUs depends on whether you purchased a live or on-demand/CD version of the training:

  1. LIVE: Email with a list of names and email addresses of everyone that attended the training to We’ll send each person a PDF via email of their CEU certificate. This certificate contains a number that can be submitted to the AAPC for CEU credit.
  2. ON-DEMAND and CD: If the training is accessed ON-DEMAND or via CD, the AAPC requires a post-test be taken and passed with a minimum score of 70% to get CEUs. This post-test will be available for you to download online or from your CD. Once the post-test is completed, it gets emailed to us for grading (  If the test is passed, we’ll send a PDF certificate with a number to submit to the AAPC for CEUs.  If 70% is not reached, we’ll return the test to be taken again.