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All Blogs

Diabetes screening

Medicare Announces NEW Coverage for Diabetes Screening

It isn’t often that CMS expands its screening coverage to pay for more tests, but that time arrived earlier this month, when the agency announced upgraded Medicare pay for an additional diabetes screening test. The agency also slightly changed the diabetes screening guidelines to make them more favorable and easier to follow. Find out what […]
Angry patients

3 Examples Help You Defuse Angry Patients During Phone Calls

Every medical practice has experienced it: Angry patients are on the phone and your front desk team has to work through a variety of solutions to resolve their issues. Even though it may not be simple to mitigate an upset patient’s complaints, it is possible to not only keep them happy, but to engender positive […]
Overtime pay rules

5 Ways Employers Can Comply With New Overtime Pay Rules

As most medical practices are aware, new overtime pay rules are going into effect this year that will require you to overhaul how you pay certain salaried, full-time staff members who earn over $55,068 a year. If you want to comply with the laws, you’ve got to take steps now that help you achieve that […]
CPT 2025

Sneak Peek: CPT 2025 to Include Plethora of New Codes

Eye screenings, hearing device services, lab codes and more are expected to join the new edition of CPT when it debuts later this year. Although the American Medical Association hasn’t officially released the new codes, it is possible to get clues of what you can expect by reviewing the CPT 2025 Editorial Panel’s latest decisions. […]
medical customer service

5 Front Desk Cheat Sheets to Boost Medical Customer Service

Maintaining a high level of customer service isn’t a good habit just for retail, hotel and restaurant staffers. In fact, it’s almost more important to provide excellent medical customer service, because your staff members are dealing with patients at a vulnerable time — when they’re concerned about their health. There are hundreds of ways you […]
Insurance appeal

5 Common Insurance Appeal Errors (and How to Fix Them)

Medical insurance claim denials can be devastating to deal with. Not only do they take time and energy — they prevent your practice from collecting revenue for services you’ve already performed. The most common way to tackle a denial is to file an insurance appeal, which can help you reverse those denials. To ensure that […]

How the Non-Compete Agreement Ban May Affect Healthcare

Non-compete clauses will soon be banned in most employment contracts, thanks to a new rule that the Federal Trade Commission issued on April 23. Although the final rule affects almost every employer in the country, there are some exceptions, which you must know to stay compliant. Check out a few key facts about how the […]
Mental health accommodations

8 Mental Health Accommodations to Consider Offering Staff

Every employer in the United States with 15 or more employees must provide “reasonable accommodations” to staff members who have disabilities, and mental health disorders do fall under the requirement. If an employee requests mental health accommodations at your practice, you must be ready to work with them to avoid violating the law. The accommodation […]
New icd-10-cm codes

CMS Proposes Over 200 New ICD-10-CM Codes for 2025

If you’re hungry for a new crop of diagnosis codes, you may be in luck this October, assuming the newly-proposed diagnosis codes become actual, finalized new ICD-10-CM codes. Background: On April 10, CMS released the FY2025 Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment System proposed rule for 2025, and tucked within the rule was a file sharing the […]
Overtime rule

3 Facts Help Medical Practices Prep for the New Overtime Rule

A new employment overtime rule will require you to modify how you pay some of your full-time salaried employees, or you could end up facing expensive and time-consuming investigations into your labor compliance. To ensure your practice is ready for compliance with the upcoming overtime rule, check out three facts about the law. 1. The […]