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HIPAA password requirements

Protect Patient Data Password Creation & Management Tactics

Passwords are a part of everyday life for most of us. This is especially true for your medical practice, where you are expected to not only keep your information safe but the personal information of your patients safe as well. In fact, the HIPAA password requirements are the crux of a significant number of violations […]
Medicare physician fee schedule

Head Off 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Change Errors

The November 3rd release of CMS’ 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) is chock full of changes that have the potential to significantly modify how you bill and receive payment next year. Unfortunately, one of the most disappointing changes is that Congress has decided not to renew the additional 3.75% conversion factor rate added during […]
hipaa compliant payment processing

Reduce HIPAA Online Payment Processing Violation Penalties

If your patient walks out the door without paying the amount they owe, your ability to collect decreases by 50%.  The good news is there are several online payment options available to you that can make paying easy for your patients, and reduce your risk of violating HIPAA compliant payment processing rules. Making a mistake […]
Medicare Revalidation

Medicare PECOS Enrollment Revalidations Resume Oct. 2021

On October 3rd, CMS announced that it is resuming Medicare revalidations of provider enrollment information in the PECOS system in October 2021. If you are an existing Medicare provider and missed your revalidation due date because of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) deferral, CMS will be implementing these in phases. Effective October 31st, Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) and National Supplier […]
hipaa compliant data destruction

Prevent HIPAA PHI Disposal Violation Penalties

Your patients entrust you with securing their most sensitive health information from the moment they walk into your practice to long after their visit ends. This not only includes you keeping your patients’ personal information secured but also (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) HIPAA compliant data destruction. HIPAA is more than just a long […]
HIPAA compliant voicemails

Head Off Costly HIPAA Violations for Patient Voicemail Errors

Ensuring your staff leaves HIPAA-compliant voicemails is easier than it sounds. Because of this, HIPAA investigators regularly scrutinize practice voicemail processes closely. Phone messages left with patients’ spouses, co-workers, or answering machines without consent are violations each time they occur. HIPAA compliant voicemails. It doesn’t matter whether you speak with someone about their 93-year-old mother’s […]
Coding for COVID-19 Vaccines

Improve Accuracy & Boost Pay-up with New COVID Vaccine Codes

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently issued 11 new Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes to help make your coding for COVID-19 vaccines more accurate – and hopefully improve your reimbursement. So if your practice is administering vaccines under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) COVID-19 Vaccination Program — the only way to legally […]
No-Show Policy

Write a No-Show Policy That Gets Patients to Comply

Patients not turning up for their scheduled appointments is certainly not a new problem, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit back and accept a high no-show rate as a normal part of running your practice. No-Show Policy. If your no-show rate is anywhere near the national average of 27%, you are losing […]
self-pay patient

Can You Bill a Self-Pay Patient Less than Medicare?

The Answer: Yes, you can charge your self-pay patients less, as long as you don’t break federal Medicare laws when doing it. Knowing how and when to apply a discount and write-off for a self-pay patient is essential to your practice. It can reduce your risk of violating Medicare and other federal laws – including the […]
Doctor patient relationship

When and How to Terminate a Physician-Patient Relationship

Q: We have a challenging patient with a chronic illness that is never satisfied and continues to threaten to sue our practice related to even the simplest mistake. Obviously, this is not a good fit. Can we discharge this patient and terminate our doctor-patient relationship with them? Doctor patient relationship. ~ North Carolina Rheumatology Practice Manager […]