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incident to billing rules

NPP Initial Office Visit: Avoid Billing Audits & Penalties

Correctly billing your non-physician practitioner (NPP) services as incident to under your physician’s National Provider Identifier (NPI) number has various benefits to your practice. The most significant benefit of complying with incident to billing rules is that the services can be paid at 100% of the physician fee schedule (15% higher than billing directly under […]
Patient scheduling

Scheduling Tactics to Reduce No-Shows and Boost Revenue

Patient scheduling seems pretty straightforward. The patient calls in and the person who answers the phone makes the appointment. Wouldn’t it be great if things were really that easy? How you manage your patient appointment scheduling can have significant positive and negative outcomes for your practice. This is true whether you use an electronic schedule […]
Patient collections

Collect More Self-Pay Cash Up Front, Proven Front Desk Tactics

If you let a patient walk out the door without paying even part of their bill, you can expect to collect only 30% of what you are due. That’s a lot of money to lose on each patient interaction. patient collections Every year, patients are paying more out-of-pocket due to higher deductible healthcare plans and represent a […]
CAQH ProView

CAQH: Comply w/Provider 90-Day Revalidation No Surprises Rule

The No Surprises Act has now made it mandatory to revalidate all provider information every 90 days – for every single payor your practice contracts with. Missing even one revalidation period could mean you risk losing your contract with a payor, without warning. To make this time-consuming task easier and less time intensive, you should […]
Appeal letter

Avoid These 6 Payor Appeal Letter Mistakes & Get Patients Back

Getting dropped by any of your payors is a nightmare, especially if it causes you to lose patients because you’re now out-of-network with their insurance. The first step toward getting reinstated with any payor is to write an appeal letter asking for reconsideration. But this letter must be carefully crafted in order to help you […]
Rejecting accommodations

Stop ADA Lawsuit for Rejected Reasonable Accommodations

When one of your employees has a documented disability, your practice is required to make reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) so that individual can continue their job. While the process of finding a workable solution typically goes pretty smoothly, there may come a time when an employee rejects an accommodation you’ve […]
Medical records archiving

Archive/Destroy: Comply w/HIPAA Medical Record Access Rules

Archiving and destroying unused medical records may seem like the perfect solution to medical storage space issues (both electronic and paper). However, if you get it wrong, you can end up violating access to medical records rules. Before you destroy any information, be sure you’re not violating HIPAA by not being able to provide your […]
Remote worker

Protect Against Costly Remote Employee Workers’ Comp Claims

Remote work is here to stay, in some capacity, for the long term. But with this change comes new challenges for your practice. One of which is the potential for a remote worker to file a workers’ compensation claim if they’re hurt at home. Yes, that really can happen. Your practice CAN be held liable […]
Insurance preauthorization

Speed up Insurance Preauthorization with CPT Code Tracker

The insurance preauthorization process is tedious and frustrating, but it’s a requirement if you want to get paid for services you provide. One of the main issues with the process is that each payor has its own requirements for getting procedures preauthorized. Further complicating the system is the fact that what one payor requires preauthorization […]