• Boost Front Desk Collections
    Expert Presenter: Tracy Bird FACMPE, CPC, CPMA, CEMC, CPC-I

    If your front desk collections don’t make up at least 25% of your revenue, you are losing money. You can halt these losses by implementing the step-by-step collection strategies you’ll receive during …

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  • patient collections best practices
    Expert Presenter: Owen Dahl LFACHE, CHBC, LSSMBB

    If you want to improve patient collections during and after the COVID-19 crisis, your usual tactics just won’t work. Join this exclusive webinar to discover the steps to take to collect every dollar you’re owed, while increasing engagement and patient satisfaction.

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  • Expert Presenter: Owen Dahl LFACHE, CHBC, LSSMBB

    Getting paid for out-of-network patients is more difficult now than ever before. By making easy-to-implement modifications to how you manage your out-of-network patients, you can improve the…

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