Simplify Difficult Money Conversations w/Patients, Boost Pay Up

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Sherri Lewis, CPB CEU: 1.0

No one wants to have difficult conversations about finances with patients. Talking about money issues can be very uncomfortable, and if not done the right way, it usually results in patients getting angry and your practice losing large amounts of money.

Most likely your practice staff doesn’t have a problem asking patients to pay their deductibles or copays. However, beyond that, finding the right words, tone, and timing is challenging for even the most seasoned team members.

Bottom line: Having difficult conversations about money that are effective is a learned skill. Without these skills, it’s common for people to avoid these awkward exchanges altogether. When this happens, your practice loses two essential items for your success– patients and money. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Expert Sherri Lewis, CPB, can help. Sherri will present a 60-minute online training that will walk you through EXACTLY how to speak to patients in a way that forges trust while inspiring them to pay what they owe. Your entire team will gain the confidence they need to have these tricky patient exchanges more successfully. You CAN keep patients and get them to settle-up, too.

Check out just a few of the easy-to-implement strategies you’ll gain by attending this online training that will help you simplify difficult conversations about financial issues with patients and bring in more pay:

  • Slash write-offs with easy-to-implement payment plan options
  • Uncover and overcome the real reasons patients don’t pay
  • Easy script to turn the angriest patient into your biggest fan
  • Proven terminology to put patients at ease when discussing late payments
  • Head off patient anger with an effective receivables communication plan
  • Implement compliant payment plans that help self-pay patients settle up
  • Differentiate when to be gentle and when it’s time to get tough
  • Effectively communicate your payment policy, without patients getting angry
  • Help patients feel heard while still getting them to pay
  • Offer financial hardship waivers without violating balanced billing rules
  • Avoid financial surprises with clearer patient communications
  • And much, much more…

Avoiding difficult conversations won’t help your practice bring in the money you’re due — quite the opposite. Only by having the necessary skills to discuss problematic financial issues with patients head-on can your practice survive.

Broaching uncomfortable financial situations with patients can either lead to animosity and large write-offs or stronger relationships and increased revenue. It’s really up to you.

Help your entire team be more successful when having difficult conversations about financial issues with patients by employing the actionable step-by-step strategies Sherri will share during her 1-hour online training.

Meet Your Expert

Sherri Lewis
CPBCertified Professional Biller at Billing Simplicity LLC

Sherri Lewis has over 15 years working with a variety of medical professionals helping to ensure a thriving private practice. She has worked in all administrative positions, top to bottom assisting with reception, billing needs, credentialing, contracting, management, and more.

She brings a robust understanding of all the details and requirements of having a successful and profitable revenue cycle with compassion for both patients and providers and their staff trying to navigate the financial side of their private practice. She is a Certified Professional Biller with the American Academy of Professional Coders and owner of Billing Simplicity, LLC.