E/M Coding

  • G2211 CPT Code
    Expert Presenter: Dreama Sloan-Kelly MD, CCS, CPC

    In 2024, Medicare will reimburse you $16 more per E/M visit if you correctly apply G2211 CPT code to your claims. But to do so, you must master new complicated rules. Get expert advice that will help you decipher how and when to apply G2211, along with other critical E/M changes.

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  • 2023 E/M changes
    Expert Presenter: Kim Huey MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO

    You must correctly incorporate the massive 2023 E/M changes to keep reimbursement flowing for prolonged services, ED visits and more. These expert, step-by-step coding tips will show you how.

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